2020 Community Call to Action -

The Cardano protocol is very near being Decentralized…

What does that mean to you and me?

It means every ADA holder will have a voice on the direction that the protocol moves in, most of us are like-minded yet we have some differences we likely need to address so that the protocol moves in the direction that will benefit all of us and moves in a direction that maintains true decentralization.

Remember that every ADA is a vote when the voting centre is realized.

Very soon we will either be relying on IOHK-Emurgo-Cardano Foundation to guide us as we begin a decentralized future for Cardano - or we will raise our vote and develop our idea of the protocol thorugh liquid democracy - scares the hell out of me personally - yet that is the facts - very soon the protocol will live or die based off of our decisions as ADA holders.

Which brings me to A Call Of Action before we have a decentralized protocol in our lap, we need experts to stand up and identify themselves, we need Economists-Legal experts- Environmentalists- Mathmaticians- Philanthropists-Historians- Etc-Etc we need professionals to weigh in on the direction that we want Cardano to move in.

If you are a proffesional, and can weigh in on the subject - now is the time - we need to identify our experrts now, not after Cardano is decentralized, now!

Expert or not - please feel free to begin the conversation.

other media links I have posted this issue to

Please consider taking up action and developing the conversation.


while i agree that the time for action is now (i’ve created numerous post that speak to this) the reality i regretfully have come to the conclusion is little to nothing will be done in regards to this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

among many things, the dragging of feet by the three entities, disingenuous not decentralised engagementwith the community (none community elected and paid “ambassadors”) when they’re not censoring criticism as fud apparently they’re being given orders by charles… what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i mean, we’re somehow meant to believe that something as complex as governance will be properly implemented by end of year - in less than half a year at this point.

but it’s ok because they’re “working on it in parallel”. cause we’re relying on the simulated tests that somehow missed the 1% pools geo centralised issue - will somehow be able to predict irrational human behaviour. :face_with_monocle: riiighttt…

I guess I do not even know where to start my reply, maybe it would be best to video chat with you on the subject so I do not misunderstand anything you have to say, I could ask for clarification live.

My observations of certain situations recently (delegation) is what inspired me to ask people to engage in conversation so that come time that Cardano is in our control and stakeholders need to make decisions nobody is surprised that its time for us to guide Cardano down the proper path without someone at the head of the decisions.

  • further on what drives me:
    Pool Ops that want to create a business by solely running a stake pool are the most active in our communities, some think they should have been apprised of what the delegation equations should be so they can base their business model off of it, they go so far as to state an amount they think it should be = to hell with all the research - they want to get paid! It is of my opinion that running a pool should not make someone a million $USD or what have you, it actually bothers me to think all these people want to control the network and the protocol just cause they have the skill to run a node and they are advancing with the opinion that the equation should be this or that cause it is their comfort level- so they battle out what the parameters should be set at so that they have an edge based on what they can pledge - that is equal to banking imo, they wanna be bankers? whatever… let them go be a banker… to hell with the research done on the issue, its a Pool Ops network anyway as they are our biggest players -just like every other defi network - POS or POW Ops run and control the network I guess - these are the same people that will seek your vote when Voltaire is instituted - a time when people will beg for the millions of dollars in the treasury to support charities, a rebellion, a cancer treatment, a cure, a new leg for a child, pick something that makes the world a better place for one person, people will beg for that treasury to be tapped for their human cause, and its highley likely if Pool Ops of the future are our bankers and think its all about them then you will rarely see any charity coming from the treasury unless it goes toward the future of the protocol - That is just something I have to live with i suppose - that is all the rage right now: maintaining the network and how to profit from it, f’nnn nightmare for the future if you ask me (and regardless of what comes of it I will accept the parameters set for Shelley yet be that one guy that always brings up the issue cause some people just have to vary away from the research and science to better their own life - I get it, its human nature)

In any case,
My Call for Action is simply to start the conversations of the perils ahead and hopefully, we can avoid one or two by someone simply starting a conversation.


yes. this. :point_up_2:t5:. many. times. this. :point_up_2:t5:. :exclamation:

let’s message to arrange the call.


Lo importante es que los que actualmente estamos nos unamos y no estemos mas disperso de lo que deberíamos una comunidad fuerte nos llevara al éxito ademas de que nos beneficiara a todos.


The important thing is that those of us who are presently united and are no more dispersed than we should be, a strong community will lead us to success, in addition to benefiting all of us.”

i’m gonna have to disagree. hope is not a strategy. pragmatism in practical action is what it needed. as it stands these ordained minority have most likely seen a conservative 1,200% + increase from their initial stake and that’s only over six months. they have then been given preferential treatment now in the “friends and family” in the guise of an attempt to offload work from iOHK while decentralising onboarding - which is a fallacy because it’s NOT in stake pools best interest to help the competition.

this is not the tin foil talking, it’s been quite evident in the ITN and philippe has even outright said it on the cardano youtube show he’s paid to do.

in short - a minor minority simply would not have much of a chance going up against this major minority. their asymmetrical advantage compounds almost exponentially, as continuing stake pool >1,200% rewards, translates to stake pool pledge potential and number of under saturation pools run by them, translates to much more rewards, translates to exponentially increased voting power, translates to control of development … etc you get the point. :man_facepalming:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

You nailed it @Haskell-plus !

I fully agree with you on every word.
These are valid concerns and should be addressed, talked about & discussed.

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We are surely going to have to video chat, I see things in a different light yet would really like to discuss with you.

I totally agree with this on the topic.

DM sent.

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Here’s a summary of a conversation between myself and @anon20038177 ! where we discussed the concepts covered by this thread topic.


Continue the conversation!

Pretty sure you just gave some folks a very different view of how you feel concerning certain issues and I am glad to have discussed the topic with you (video does wonders), I look forward to a live conversation with you and honestly with anyone seeking clarity on why I think we need to discuss the greater community getting involved and participating in the future of Cardano no matter what their take is on a subject.

Look forward to the next time @misteraxyz hope you get that system figured out!

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:beers: to more community conversations!


Hello. You are are wrong on this entirely and would like to clarify that this is certainly not the case: ambassadors are people that either 1) nominate themselves, or 2) get nominated by the community (not us). And hence, is actually very decentralized. You can find the details on the cardano.org website.

The only centralized aspect in all of this is that the eligibility review in itself is done by the CF’s community team (myself included), where the requirements stated on the website are reflected with the information provided by the nominee/candidate him/herself. And rightly so, since CF are rewarding people for their contributions with its own funds, we want to make sure quality is preserved and that minimal requirements are met. We also consult and request feedback from the other ambassadors, in case this is necessary and depending on the role applied for by the candidate.
Charles also does not give anyone orders, nor do we (as CF or community team)…

Please feel free to reach out via DM with anyone of the CM team, in case there’s any further questions or issues with (ambassador) moderators: @ryanhe, @adatainment, @CaseyMonroeCF, @Andy_Hendrikx, @Tiago_CF, @benohanlon or myself. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. :slight_smile:


you go on to contradict your self. any cursory research will point to the tiny bit of info regarding this that exists which you point to.

conflating self or community nomination (i never said nominated, i said unELECTED) with actual election (which you go on to prove my very point of it being centralised) is quite convenient.

my point exactly• …so how was i “entirely wrong” ?

dude, DYOR. it’s on video.

given how much you apparently are for governance @Katsumoto , i’m surprised that this is the quality of insight and response to something that is fundamentally about governance.

True egalitarian governance at scale requires a few of the following (just for starters):

  • Corruption resistant voting.

  • Deincentivizing the creation of Plutocracies and Technocratcies in any form (monetary, technology, education, cult of personality, etc…)

  • Higher fidelity voter preferences than 1 person 1 vote is capable of giving (example Quadratic Voting and/or Rank Choice Voting)

  • Scalability (Liquid Democracy)

  • Resistance to or watering down of the Tyranny of the Majority

  • Incentivization to participate


Thanks a lot for doing this.
I see that you’ve been creating content on Cardano (very well worded bytheway).

Maybe we should catchup sometime if you are up for that.

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definitely dude, and thanks! tccp is :ok_hand: - let’s direct message!

welcome to the community forum @Chavros! glad to see you getting stuck right in, we need more and more critical engagement. it’s inspiring to see, please keep up the effort and momentum!

The only centralized aspect in all of this is that the eligibility review in itself is done by the CF’s community team (myself included), where the requirements stated on the website are reflected with the information provided by the nominee/candidate him/herself. And rightly so, since CF are rewarding people for their contributions with its own funds, we want to make sure quality is preserved and that minimal requirements are met.

They can obviously decentralize this when the treasury is live and from what I heard on the Cardano Effect they are planning to do so. Asking for this to be decentralized right now is unreasonable. How would they do that? And even if they could why waste a lot of time on doing so for such a short period of time and for so little benefit?

You also seem to not see the difference between cooperating and giving orders. Maybe Charles gives orders to them, it’s possible, but you really have no evidence that this is going on and results in censorship. If you do, please share.

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perhaps you should compare notes with @Katsumoto who, ever since i wrote my DYOR reply after his ill-informed “factual” grand claim in line with this one of yours, was furiously writing out a response which has since never seen the light of day… :thinking: i wonder why?

maybe think, deeply, critically, next time before presenting opinion as fact, while underplaying matters of great consequence with a pithy retort?