Centralization in Cardano community power?

While admin’s friend trolled attack people and got busted, the thread got immediately removed by the admin.

So does the community power slowly evolved and eventually controlled by a small group of people’s :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:??

Whoever agrees with them could survive and who doesn’t shall suffer. Can we really count on them as our future Cardano Ambassadors???

Shall we have more transparency on the selection process of our future admins and ambassadors?


I don’t think a different opinion was the cause of the topic being deleted.
I don’t know what happened between those former so called Guardians and I don’t really care.

This topic though was obviously trolling and therefore didn’t belong here.


I see! Maybe that explained what the admin was trying to do.

I didn’t know trolling is not allowed here, and guess the admin’s friend didn’t know it as well.


Well it was not meant to be trolling, but @SeanAlimov was nice to change the title of @RobJF ‘s topic.


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It is fine to remove the topic as it was not productive but it should have been removed from the start. What is not fine is it was only removed when it was revealed a proposes ambassador was doing the trolling. What is not fine is that there seems to be proposed ambassadors more busy with slander and positioning than to further Cardano.

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It would have been ok to make it private as it was done in the past when their attacks backfired.

But making it private in a way deliberately excluding those being attacked, The Watchdogs and not even informing us about this action was not elegant and felt like trying to remove traces like nothing happened.

I suggest to these Guys to go on and create the DogWatchers troll group and dedicate all their time to it and let others from the Community with better qualities & integrity do the Ambassador work. We need people with unquestionable morals & ethics in these positions, now among a few valuable & talented people we have 3 exGuaridans conspiring against the Watchdogs and not being afraid of using their power for self interest instead of Cardano’s development.

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If this is another attempt to accuse me of things i didn’t do i am asking you friendly to stop it, and this is the last time i will ask it.

After our recent debates(about 4 weeks ago in the meantime) i:
Havent engaged you in anyway
Did not say one bad word about you
Was working on, in and for the community (Thinking about improvements, moderating, tweeting information, being a part of the community and organizing meetups)

But yet as seen on Twitter you like to drag me into this matter based on your assumptions.(!)

Let me say it one more time: Do not drag me into this drama, because i have better things to do.


I was not aware of the fact that others can just edit any topic title - that is nonsense and will result in vandalism.


Yes I have heard this tone, just before you kicked me out of the Guardians TG, go ahead kick me now out from the Forum.

Anyway it´s a pointless argument, I said what I wanted already on Twitter, will not repeat it here.

Over & out.

Facts are pretty clear that a proposed ambassador posted under a fake nick trolling watchdogs then replying with his real account showing the connection. We can not from this assume all ambassadors are rotten. (In fact most are awesome.) However I react to the fact the thread was shut down only after a proposed ambassador revealed himself to be trolling. Is this a boysclub of yes people? Yes this is speculation on my part but seeing a pattern here over other closed threads as well I am starting to worry whats most important between taking down watchdogs or being good ambassadors for Cardano.


Not really, you have to earn the responsibility. Level 3 and above have it, so basically anyone in the lounge. It could result in vandalism but at a high cost. Whoever misuses their power will open themselves up for an attack.


Guess @RobJF and @werkof didnt have better things to do then :smirk::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Common people …
it’s a story that never ends! Always frictions & fights between guardians watchdogs o wherever
WTF people … just remember this

  • Cardano isn’t about none of you

The most depressing thing is that is widely known human behaviour and it’s calssic homo “sapiense” doing it’s a circle whenever we have something great, give it to people and wait to see it getting destroyed


Sigh! What can I say?? Troll never give up!!! :sob::sob::sob:

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Agreed. We are involved in one of the most exciting projects in the history of man kind. Let’s drop this adolescent behavior and work together.

Let’s use “we” more that “you” and “I”.


To be honest, after working a year with the community, what I realized is that the peace is just temporary, and the fighting is a everyday thing.

Once you stand up and raise your voice, people just come and attack you from everywhere. Just look at the twitter and all other crypto projects’ conflicts. I would say maybe this the culture of the space, and maybe this is the actual true spirit behind the decentralization.

From what I see, the fighting is good, the competition is good, also the different opinion/voice is good. One peacful and harmonious community usually means centralization, censorship and dictatorship.

Let’s hope we won’t go there.:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

And don’t worry, no matter how we fight, we are all community buddies in the end of the day.

Just don’t take things so personally. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I am completely fine with an honest, intellectual debate the outcome of which leads to peogress in the space.

What I see more of, unfortunately, is the selfish, disruptive, attention-seeking publicity stunts that are easy to see through.

Cardano isn’t a place where anyone can get away with that. Those who do this will get called out.


Any suggestion/solution to this kind conflict?

Tomorrow maybe we stop fighting, some people else will just come up and then do the same things.


P.S. it usually starts with intellectual debates and evolves to selfish and disruptive fights. :pensive:

The way to see past one’s own ego is to be aware of, then act from, the thought-free state. But this takes much (meditation) practice. Most people can’t spend more than a few seconds without thinking.


As @Zenman pointed out being self aware is helpful, but that’s a skill you don’t acquire overnight.

The next best thing is just to ask yourself: what’s the end goal of all this? Am I doing this to pander to my ego or to benefit a greater cause?

If the answer is the latter, you will find a way to let go and concede when you are proven wrong. And you’d be fine because it will benefit the cause you care about…

If it’s the former, you will find a way to fight tooth and nail, change subjects, turn vindictive and eventually lose the respect of anyone with intelligence. It’s a destructive path really… bitcoin maximalists are a prime example.