Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!

Since launching the Cardano Ambassador program four weeks ago, we have received hundreds of nominations and we are beyond ecstatic to see such enthusiasm and passion across the global Cardano community.

We have reviewed all nominations and today, are proud to announce the first group of Cardano Ambassadors. These are community members who have contributed good work to the community from hosting consistent Cardano meetups in their local area or translating Cardano content into other languages to creating helpful videos and blog articles to help others understand the project!

Head to the Ambassador Program webpage to see the published list of the first Ambassadors!

For those who submitted a nomination and did not qualify for this first group, no fret! Reviews are done on a monthly basis. We have also created additional Forum posts to help clarify any criteria points which may have been misunderstood:

For the translator role: A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Translator Role
For the meetup organizer role: A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Meetup Organizer Role
For the content creator role: A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Content Creator Role
For the moderator role: A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Moderator Role


Excellent :+1:

Congratulations to those picked.

-Forgot to add: Thank you for the work / effort you all put into Cardano :cardano: -


It’s great to see the Ambassador program launch. Thank you for selecting me as a content creator ambassador, I’m looking forward to continue creating educational content on Cardano on my Medium blog. :pray:t2:

And, like @Josseh80 said as well; congratulations to the others that were selected as well! :ok_hand:t2:


Congratulations to all of the Ambassadors, your amazing work is certainly appreciated by all of us!!


Big Congrats to Every Ambassador and good luck with your journey.

It´s quite a challenging & important role for growing the Cardano Community.

@tom.kelly @maki.mukai
Please don´t forget to respond to the important Community questions in the other thread:

Also please let´s work open & transparent with the Community further developping this program to something mature & sustainable. Are you willing to go down this road?


How about a little more about the benefits of being an ambassador?

I have been under the assumption that these people would be receiving ADA as appreciation, reimbursement (people have been putting their own time and $ into these endeavors) and incentives.

I just found this on another thread: “The first phase of the Ambassador Program is to provide public recognition and additional support to the community members who have gone above and beyond for the Cardano community. The second phase will include the implementation of incentives, which is something we are working hard towards.”

I trust the second phase will include retroactive incentives. Can you let us know now how much these incentives are per ambassador? To me “decentralization” means the community is an extension of the project. There’s a symbiotic relationship - the community supports the project and the project supports the community.


Awsome thank you! Congratulations ambassadors!


That was a nice surprise ! A cold sweat of responsibility as well :slight_smile:


Yes. :100: this :point_up:


Congratulations guy’s!
This is a program that many of us have looked forward to for quite some time, it is nice to see so many familiar names on the list and you all definitely deserve to be recognized for your work. :clap::clap::clap:


Congratulations everybody!


Nice to see things moving. Congratulations!


Congratulations! Keep up the good work.


Thank you @tom.kelly and @maki.mukai for the recognition for having me(and others) in the Ambassador program. Also a thank you to the others nominated in the Ambassador program for their past and present work!


Congratulations and thanks to the new Ambassadors for your unselfish work on behalf of Cardano Community. Many thanks to all the other members also, who have given their contribution!


good job everyone! congrats.


Would be great if Ambassadors used their real name.


Congrats to the inaugural group!

I see your point, and agree that using your real name adds extra weight to being an ambassador and being sceptical of (pseudo-)anonymous accounts is a healthy stance to take.

IMO, that extra weight comes at the cost of any foreseen and unforeseen negative consequences that being associated with a cryptocurrency might introduce in your personal and/or professional live. In my personal case, when I decided to become vocal about cryptocurrencies about a year ago, I chose to do this under a pseudo-anonymous alias. My reasons for this were that I felt the risk of becoming a target for hackers was realistic, and particularly that being associated with cryptocurrencies could potentially also have a negative impact on my academic career (in another field; health science), as some people just tend to be prejudiced that they’re all a scam. For someone in my field, there are little benefits but multiple potential disadvantages that being associated with cryptocurrencies may have.

Since I have no ambitions of having a professional career in cryptocurrencies at this time, I therefore prefer not to be vocal about it under my real name. I have been writing articles about mostly Cardano for the past 6 months because I am excited about its prospects, and am happy to see the Cardano Foundation acknowledges my contributions to the community, despite using a pseudo-anonymous account.