A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Translator Role

We created the Translator role within our Cardano Ambassador program for the main purpose of helping grow awareness of the Cardano project in non-English speaking countries or communities.

At the same time, we still want to maintain consistency and quality of the translated material, which is why we ask anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador to share their content with us. Where there are capabilities, we will get one of your pieces proofread and get back to you with feedback, if necessary.

So what are the steps in becoming a Translator?

  • Publish translated Cardano content and send it into the Cardano community team.

  • At least 3,000 words must have been translated in total.

  • At least 1,000 words must have been translated in the past month.

Anyone is welcome to become a Translator or a Cardano Ambassador, so nominate yourself once you have translated content on Cardano. This can be in any form such as subtitles for project videos, blog posts, summaries, or anything else you think your local community would appreciate. Content can be posted and shared on any platform. This is because we are aware that different platforms are popular across different countries and cultures.

If youā€™re not sure on where to get started, have a read of this Forum post which has a short list of suggested content that can be translated.

Please also note that we are reviewing tools and applications that can help facilitate translations around the world. Do let us know if you have suggestions! Thanks!