Hi from Romania!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following Cardano for a year, but only joined the forum today.
I’m a technical writer and translator from Romania and would be interested in becoming a translator to Romanian for Cardano.

The Ambassadors page mentions that “a trial translation task is set and assessed by the Cardano community team.” Could someone tell me how to sign up for the trial translation?

Many thanks,


Welcome to the forum! Glad to see your interest in the Ambassador position!
If you have a translation you would like to submit as part of the “trial translation” you can submit it to the team through email here community@cardano.org Good luck!

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Hi Christopher,
Can I choose a section of https://whycardano.com?
Thanks a lot for the quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:. Looking forward to contributing to this project!

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I cannot make these decisions, like you I am only a interested community member and I follow the updates as close as possible, I think if you choose to submit a translation from the page you referenced it should work as a good starting point and the team can then get in contact with you concerning future translations, I am not very familiar with the requirements of the Ambassador role -Translations- yet I think if you feel like your native users could benefit from the translation then you will be doing the ecosystem a good service :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, you sounded rather authoritative! Thanks for your thoughts, I will start working on that today.
I’m glad I’ve finally joined this forum :grin:.

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I like to help the team is all, I think I am in a different timezone than them so I pitch in when I can :wink:
I am sure many people will be glad you joined the forum with your interest to make translations, the more of us working together the better :slightly_smiling_face:

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Buna Alexandra, welcome from sunny South Africa. My wife is Romanian.

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Hi Alex, welcome to the forum!

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Hello! Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Excited to hear that you are interested in translating!
We don’t want to instruct people to translate specific pieces so it depends on what you are interested in. Though I do recommend something thats easier to digest than whycardano.
For example, there are a few ‘summary’ style posts here in the Forum that help people get familiar with the project. I have done one on Incentives: Summary: PoS Delegation & Incentives (Lars Brunjes) or there’s another done by a community member on the beloved whiteboard video: Summary: Overview with Charles Hoskinson

But its completely up to what you feel comfortable doing!

Let me know if there are other questions!


Hi Maki, thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will read through them and pick a place to start as soon as possible :slight_smile:.

Hello and warm welcome to the Cardano community and forum! All the best :slight_smile:

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