Cardano website Translation to Portuguese


Hi. I’ve deposited on Github ( a number of files with the translations from English to Portuguese of the Cardano website around 5th & 6th of February. I’m happy to continue with the remaining web pages as I think it is of high value providing a translation that can target potentially 200 million users. So have a look at the translations see if they are reasonable and get in touch with some feedback. Thanks.

The Cardano Foundation is over, now let's make that a good thing

I like the idea of translating the website and I have also suggested the same for Italian and other languages.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s no longer just an idea :slight_smile: The website is all translated, with the exception of the weekly reports, … they are quite a lot. Maybe another time I’ll look at those. It would be good to get some feedback on the quality of the translation or even before that understand if they are considering translating to further languages. With what I’ve done they will have a good head-start if they consider using it.


Made a pull request, but now i’m realizing that you used the european variant, maybe i’ll make a version with the brazilian one as well


Great idea!


Yeah. I’m more familiar with portuguese spoken in Portugal and not so much portuguese spoken in Brazil.


Hi. Just updated the repo ( with some more translations. I guess if the strategy is to go Africa and PT is one of the top 10 languages spoken there … maybe this will help with understanding Cardano a little better. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi. Quite a number of updates to the ongoing project of translating Cardano material to Portuguese. Hope this helps with adoption. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.


Good job! I visited the github to look around a little and I think that you surely are headed in the right direction! I have no doubt that translations will benefit the adoption of Cardano and enable programmers and enthusiast,s a chance to understand that the project has merit beyond what is reported in the crypto media and thru trader channels.


Cheers for the feedback!


Cardano needs way more translations. This can all be done by the community! Emurgo/IOHK should promote this.


Man, maybe we can help you with PT_BR translation. We have a TG group and a frozen translation project.