What about translating the website?


I think that an interesting project like Cardano should have its website in different languages, and not just English/Japanese. I’ve read in this forum and on other platforms a lot of people demanding for more languages. Other coins have Translation teams working for the project…it would also be nice for Cardano. I recommend choosing from the community and of course I am here to help with Italian and in general for the translation part.



@CyberHek do not worry this is on our radar! We’ll be releasing information on this in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:


That sounds nice. I hope it will be a community thing :wink:

Thanks for your answer @tom.kelly


I was wondering if there’s currently an easy way to translate the forums? Can the forum be updated to include this, or is there a way to run google translate on the forum? I’ve never tried it before, but I’m curious to know what people in the Japanese / Asian community are talking about.

Has this information been given out already? I’m a professional translator from the Netherlands and also a Cardano-enthousiast. 1+1=2. Do get in touch when you’re interested in Dutch translations of any kind. :slight_smile:

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It’s very easy when using the Chrome browser. At the right, next to the favorites star, you can see a small Google Translate symbol. Click it and a translate button will pop up. So your translation is only two clicks away.


Thanks Arvin

Hi @CyberHek

I think that English is the right language for technology, but if you need any help with the Spanish translation, I would be more than happy to help.

Regards :star_struck:

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I have not read any update on this.
@jonmoss Can you give us any update on this?
I think it would be really beneficial for the community.
I can help with Italian of course!

Hello @CyberHek :smiley: Happy Friday!

Thanks very much for following up and reminding me :wink:

The Chrome browser method works well and seems to be very popular. It would be a big job for translating the whole forum and keeping it updated to be honest.

We are however always looking for feedback and do take it on board.

Best wishes,


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thank you for your answer. My initial feedback was (and still is) not about the forum but about translating the websites (cardanohub,etc), the whitepaper and maybe the blog. Lots of people can’t speak or understand English, just to give you an example in Europe alone 31% of Europeans have some proficiency in English.
I think it is a really important step in order to achieve a global audience

Thank you again for your answer

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@CyberHek Aha! I see what you mean - thanks for the clarity.

We are always looking to improve the online experience - we definitely hear you and have it on our online roadmap for marketing / digital.

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@CyberHek we are constantly improving our website assets and this includes translation of content.

As you will have seen we recently moved from cardanohub.org > cardano.org

This is the first step in a big project to improve all Cardano website assets.

More improvements and releases will be coming soon! :slight_smile: