Hi everyone new to this forum but HODL ADA since 2-2-2018

Did anyone know that Wikipedia is available in 303 languages, My concern is that Cardano has so few language choices, by increasing the amount of languages it will show the international scoop of the product. And people can get a clearer picture of what Cardano is trying to achieve in there native tongue. Just a thought I’d like to here the communities opinion, thank you


Welcome @jerzyjak!

Wow! I did not know the wikepedia is so available in so many languages, Thanx for sharing! Welcome to the forum @jerzyjak
Hopefully our community will find more people willing to make translations and spread the word of our activities in their native tongue, we truly look forward to the coming years of widespread understanding of the protocol and the goals of our ecosystem, hope to see you around :+1:

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I am ready to translate to Arabic, free of charge, if that helps.

Ya for sure it is going to help alot of Arabic speaking people understand what it is all about in more depth, go for it! :+1:
Video’s can be very welcoming to someone looking for good info :wink:

To help, Yandex translator, a terrible force.
В помощь, Яндекс переводчик, страшная сила.

wow! amazing!