Cardano forums - in French? (or any other language)

Newbie speaking french and english - would love to bring a french forum here. How to propose this to this forum admins ?




I think there is a member who wants to start contributing in French translations


Hi, Laplasz,

Thanks. I am still waiting for a response to my offer as you mentioned

Take care

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Maybe we did not use the right keyword - I am talking about adding a French “Category” to the board. I would be happy to work with @DelVal to make this happen.


Ok. Any idea where to go from here?


None - I am amazed by the fact that this forum is full of non interactive people/discussions. Most discussions look like an empty eggs


Hi @Claude_Francois & @DelVal ,

I think you could ask the moderators or the Cardano Foundation team member, to create :fr: French category in Cardano Forum.

It’s quite astonishing also for me that we have English, Italian, German categories, but not French. Maybe they can combine the France French, Canadian French, Switzerland French, Belgium French in that category.

I would like to have Indonesian category also, but at the moment, still not crowded enough with Indonesian people in this forum.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks - I just contacted a team member of the cardano foundation.

France French, Canadian French, Switzerland French, Belgium French as well as 50 others countries are part of the “Francophonie” more about it here : Organisation internationale de la Francophonie - Wikipedia :slight_smile:

You could create your own blog / board in Indonesian - no ?

Thank you very much

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I prefer to do the same thing like what you do. I need to apply and get approval also to have Indonesian category in Cardano Forum. Will do that in the future.


Hello @Claude_Francois, @andreassosilo, @DelVal and others in this thread who are interested in adding additional languages. We don’t have ready guidelines for this yet if we add exactly one new language, but basically what we need to add a new language is:

  • some content that is already translated
  • people who understand this language and also speak English
  • people who can translate content more or less regularly, preferably but not necessarily Ambassadors
  • at least two moderators that speak the language, preferably but not necessarily
  • interest/users that consume the content in this language

Thanks @adatainment . I have several questions:

  • Point no. 1,2,3 would be no problem for :indonesia: Indonesian category
  • Point no. 4, I will try to look for another active Indonesian people, who had knowledge in Cardano (SPO, DEV, enthusiast) + good moderator skills/past experiences
  • Point no.5 → how do we measure this? I mean is it based on the like, reply, view on :indonesia: Indonesian translated content? If yes, what is the minimum traffic that Cardano Foundation Team needs until it passes the minimum requirement.

Thank you so much for answering our question. Really appreciate it @adatainment :pray:t2:

Best regards,

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Thank you @adatainment :slight_smile:

Here what I can do

  • Select and translate to french a selection of popular threads from the other languages
  • Setup a clear weekly goal in term of number of articles/content to be translated
  • Moderate the forum - with the help of other moderators if necessary @DelVal are you in ?
  • Nice to have : Organize the translation of live events or breaking news

Interested in becoming an Ambassador I can start ASAP and would love to make this happen.

LMK about next steps.


Hi CF,

Wonderful. Yes I am in.

This is my suggestion, since the amount of information on the site is really large, I think if we split the work (ie: the translation of the site info into French between both of us), we will advance faster and better.

I have already completed the translation of sections of the SUMMARY page on the forum and I am just waiting for the creation of the French entry to upload the content.Therefore, I think we can decide on which articles or content each of us would like to translate on a weekly basis and agree on this in order to avoid duplicated work.

Furthermore, we can act as moderators and overlook our translated work before uploading it

Regarding to becoming an ambassador, I have completed my application some seeks ago, and I have not received any feedback yet. If you know any contact to approach with regard to the matter, please let me know. Thanks.



Thanks for your support

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Me too, just did it right now.

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I have applied also. Still waiting for the reply from the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team. Hopefully everything went well @Claude_Francois @DelVal

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Hopefully they will come back to us very soon.

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Typically Ambassador nominations are finalized approximately once a month, so please be patient with us.

… as they say :slight_smile:

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If I may suggest that we align a little bit on what things make sense to translate?

For example, for longer format content I’d like to encourage you and btw anyone who would like to contribute to the translation to visit @werkof translation portal here: Cardano 101 - Clio.1 International Education Hub

In the portal, we can somewhat steer which articles are relevant and people can participate in translations in any language. It’s also not so “messy” there like it can get somethings in the forum.


anyone interested in adding a new language pair or strengthening an existing one, please DM me your email address and tell me which language you can translate so I can create the account for it

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