French section for the forum

Hi there,

The powerful and rapid development of Cardano pushes many French (speaking) people to communicate and take an interest in the project.

The names of some eras are also a nod to the lights that make up our culture.

Social networks are a cool way to discuss about Cardano and promote it, but the official website/forum remains a trusted source of information and whose reliability is not ultimately questioned.

Let’s not forget that a large part of Africa is French-speaking and that other countries use French as their main or adjunct language.

I would therefore like to know that it is possible to open a French section for the forum, at least to centralize the documents translated by already active members but also to possibly ensure the discussion with visitors for whom English is a barrier.

It seems to me that this is one of the keys to the increasing visibility of the project.

I will take an active part in it.


Hi there @RogerComte!

It is a very fair point you make here. However, if we want to have French as an official language on our forum/websites that also means we need a community manager who can support this. As you might understand is that we as community managers have all sorts of duties, reading along for feedback and answering questions being two of the many.

Unfortunately we don’t have a French speaking community manager yet. If there will be one is something I am not aware of.

By the way - we also have some very friendly French speaking Ambassadors. Perhaps they can help out.


Hi all, hi @Andy_Hendrikx,

Thank you for your answer.

I understand the need to have qualified staff to manage the relevance of a forum in a specific language. Time will come !

If I want to translate, as a “growing ambassador” :blush: some content that I consider important, should i put the posts in “general discussions”?

Things like… : Cardano Foundation's communiqué on unofficial giveaways

… should be readable by people who speak only French and and are not necessarily comfortable with translation tools and their reliability.

See you soon,

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Correct! The News and Announcements category is often the best place to start.

Good luck!

Salut et bienvenue cher @RogerComte, j’avais tenté à l’époque au début de l’aventure, mais il y avait trop peu de francophones. D’autres ont continué également les années qui ont suivi, puis ont laissé tombé devant le peu de demandes/ likes/ réactions.
Il est clair qu’aujourd’hui la donne est en train de changer, tout le mérite t’en revient de reprendre cette initiative à ton compte. Cela vaudrait effectivement peut-être le coup de re-tester la communauté.
N’hésite pas si besoin de quoi que ce soit!

Salut ! Oui cela serait une bonne idée, je vais commencer à voir pour créer du contenu sur Youtube, cela fait quelques mois que je m’intéresse à Cardano et avec Shelley, cela va passer à du concret.

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@Tous les francophones
Notre telegram cardano FR est tres actif.
Venez nous rejoindre , vous êtes les bienvenue :fr::fr::fr:

Je continue de traduire par ci par là les blog IOHK surtout et puis pas mal de temps passé sur le TG (lien ce dessus par ArchiCW). Je vous encourage à rentrer dans la danse :slight_smile: Ca fait plaisir de voir plus de contenu en fr !! La CF finira bien par suivre !

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