[SPFR] Stakepool.fr: Cardano content in french

Hello there,

It’s time for us to introduce our Stake pool. Despite the fact that we love Cardano (like most of you, i guess), we find little content in french for it.

For people use to computer science or the crypto world, thats not a problem, but for a massive adoption, it becomes one. Cardano seems to be well covered in English, Spanish, German, Portugese, but it’s time we start to cover for other main langages, like French or Itialian, for example.

This is our mission, at SPFR. We aim to provide french content, like news and articles, to build over time a reliable Cardano documentation in French, and create a French Cardano community on our discord (and in this forum, if possible).

Our strategy is to drive new Cardano users from French-speaking countries, and hopefully they’ll delegate to our Stake Pool if they support our mission.

If you speak french fluently, we’d love your support in 2 ways:

  • we’d love feedbacks and critics from our articles. Like Cardano, we like peer-review.
  • OFC, delegation would help us to mint our first block, since this seems to be quite a hard task, and we don’t have a big pledge for now (25k ada).

On the personal matter, I’ve been working in distributed systems for 10 years, CTO for 7 years. I’m very used to DevOps. My associate is a translator, and we have a couple of friends involved too.

Website: Stakepool.fr
Ticker: SPFR
Pledge: 25k



As another member of Stakepool.fr, I insist on what Kunkka said about peer-review, your insights will always be precious to us ! I’d also add that our Stake Pool has lowered its fees to the minimum while Cardano develops :slight_smile:

We’d also like to see French on this forum ! And we’re available to the cardano foundation if they need any help making that happen.

Hi there,

The “start” part has been covered since a while now. What you mean is probably “shift gears” - and I could not agree more with you.

Telegram official/unofficial : https://t.me/cardanofrancemain

Several IOHK blog post translated by myself in FR in this forum. FR does not have its own section in the forum, as the CF has not appointed a native FR speaker to check for it.


Hi Psychomb,

OFC I’m not saying that nothing has been done. But I think we could agree that Cardano is still under-represented in the French Web. We aim to play our role in this, at our scale. I hope that the CF will make the necessary arrangements to let us open a FR section in the forum soon enough.

Thank you for the telegram link, I’ll definitely join.


The CF has been pinged about that a while back.


Feel free to add your voice as well,


I would love to have you on the Cardano Podcast FR. You can send me a email at wnipos@gmail.com.

Hello Wnipos,

With pleasure.