How can I contribute to French translation

Hi all, I hope you all are doing here. I am new to Cardano both some coins. However, the more I am reading about I am falling more and more with it.

I speak french and would like to be a translator ambassador so I can translate much of the information I can in french on the site since the option is not yet available. Can those who are more experienced assist me in how to proceed. I wrote to the main site but I did not receive any reply yet.

Since the work ahead is big, I would like to start the soonest and give the opportunity to the wider french community in world to have access to the information, embrace and/or get involve in the Cardano’s amazing project.

I hope to hear from you very soon.




Hi There!

Please check this forum topic:

Or read about the official ambassador program, which supports traslators as well:

Hi Laplasz,

Thanks for the quick response. Can you tell me about how to post the information I have translated? Furthermore, on the forum’s website, the languages available are shown with their flag, followed by the documentation and texts translated; how can I do the same thing?

Furthermore, to be a translator ambassador, do I have to have a content about cardano before applying for the role. I am not really sure because, I am precisely applying for the ambassador’s translation role to have content written about Cardano, hence, this will allow me to fulfil what I believe to be one the criteria for the application. I have just bought a domain name called togocardano, but I am waiting to do much of the translation and get further in depth knowledge about Cardano before building the site.

I hope to hear from you soon.



First - I would change the topic title from Cardano neewby SOS to How can I contribute to French translation, or something like this - to get attention from the right persons involved in this topic.
I would ask the moderators team to insert your translated material into the forum.
Also I would ask them to open a new language subtopic for French if there is enough content to have a separate channel for it.


Yes, I agree with all your suggestions. I think, it will be good to open a new language topic for french because, I will be translating as much as material I can.

I have started the Summary: overview with Charles Hoskinson translation. I downloaded the video into my computer but I need help with the way to keep the subtitling in French. Do I have to set up a youtube channel in French and upload back the downloaded video (with the permission of Cardano) and apply the subtitling feature on it?

you just need to create the caption file, and then send it to the owner of the channel. more info can be found here:



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Hi Laplasz,

I have finished my first translation; SUMMARY: OVERVIEW WITH CHARLES HOSKINSON. I did your suggestions by sending a message on the moderators page; however, I did not received a replied yet. Do I have to select a moderator in particular and send him/her my translated document?


Hi There,
i’m currently finalising a Catalyst proposal for Cardano. I will be needing to form a rather large team and one of the profiles i m looking for seems to be someone like you.
Your enthousiasm for the project and the will to actively contribute makes me suspect you might be intrested of becoming a part of a bigger collective to start our own project.

So if you would be intrested just let me know and we could schedual a face to face talk to get to know you better and to explain the project to you.

In any case welcome to the Cardano family :slight_smile:

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@Cryptonian1234 Thanks for your message which sounds interesting. I am, in deed, enthusiastic about Cardano and would like to share this amazing project to the wider communities. Hence, I will be pleased to know more about you, what you do and use the opportunity to disclose more about myself.

Hope to hear from you soon.


First, sorry to chime in quite late in the convo.
I am an FR translator ambassador and I can provide you with a short summary of how this happened.

I started translating content in FR directly in this forum, following the same format or close to the inital blog post, CF post and so on …

Try to use the same formatting as some FR posts I have made myself in the past. example here.

Put a FR flag in the title that you can do like this :fr: and a link to the original translated content at the bottom of your work. Do not forget to put the adequate subsection (education, translation, french) when you create your post.

After a while, and if you keep posting regularly, you might get picked up for the ambassador program, or nominate yourself to become one. This happens after the fact, not before.


Hi there,

thanks for the quick response.

To introduce myself shortly :

49 years old - Belgian - Master in Applied economics - 20 years experience in B2B sales - 6 years of forming my own company specialised in professional & medical refrigeration

I m working on creating a collective in which one important part is the creation of Langbassadors knowing non english languages & excellent translation capabilities that can also explain all things Cardano related in ELI5 vids in non english languages.
But the added fact is i intend to have every Langbassador be coupled to a good cause by their choosing, so in fact your Program to help combat dyslexie is actually perfect so you will be rewarded for your own efforts while in the mean time generate revenue for your own charity.

I ve read your profile with great interest and i would like to ask for a face to face skype call where we can get to know each other personalities a bit better and i can talk a bit about the whole scope of my project which is a bit too complicated to explain per mail.

So let me know when you are available and you can add me on skype : R Deman. I have a pic of Santorini house as avatar.

Looking forward to meeting you interactively :slight_smile:

Kind regards


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@Psychomb, thanks for the information. I will look into the instructions and see how to use it. Nevertheless, as newby in hear and to Cardano,Nevertheless, I feel like we should have a structure where new comers to Cardano, can grasp and digest information about the entire project from basic to more advanced level. Doiing so, this will allow non-techy poeple to get more involved in Cardano and spread the news to a wider audience.

Having said that, I will follow your suggestion. Thanks and cheers

@Cryptonian1234 , thanks for your intro. I think it will be better to introduce myself via a voiced chat, can you sent me you whatsapp or signal number.


well, sure, voice works just as fine.
I m not sure its wise to post my telephone number in a public forum, but when you send me a direct mail to i ll reply with giving you my whatsapp.

Cheers back lol

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Well, something weird is happening on my phone.
I have added your number in my contactlist but you dont appear among my contacts in whatsapp, i only see the possibility to send you a viber message.
In whatsapp itself i could only send you an invitational sms to download the wa app so i hope you can use that to contact me.

It seems more difficult than it should be lol. but persistency will prevail

@Cryptonian1234 sorry to hear that, yes i had similar issue in the past. this is my email; pls do sent me your number and will call you through whatsapp then you will be able to register my number in your contact.

hi there, i got the message that this message was flagged by the system, but I don’t know how to delete it and I think I deleted the wrong page, can you help please.

Hi, was nice to have finally talked and even more that as i suspected you d be perfect for the Africa French Langbassador and you were just as excited as myself to start building on making a difference in the world through Cardano.

While i was browsing the net i came accross this guy who also battles dyslexia but he himself is dyslexic and in this vid he talks about his experience of growing up dyslexic and how he finally overcome this and became a successful entrepreneur. He only discovered he had all those setbacks and gotten diagnosed at 22.
Its very inspirational and you might put it on your channel with translated subtitles.

If this happens in the Western world i can only imagine how impossible having dyslexia in Africa must be. I’m glad they have someone so motivated as yourself to become a spokesperson for that forgotten part of the population.

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