Translations into German

I just started to translate a Cardano blog post into German and hope that some others will follow in the future. Since I miss a good central place to put it, I will just add them here and hope that one day CF will pick them and drop them at a beautiful and easy to use webpage together with all the other distributed content from the community. If you have a German translation yourself, please drop it here too so we can see what has been done already. Maybe some German speaking persons interested in Cardano will stumble about it here. I’ll upload it as pdf, if this is inconvenient, please tell me. And if you find errors (and there will be some, I’m sure) please do so too.
180310_Wie Cardano die Entwicklung in Afrika unterstützen kann.pdf (482.0 KB)


thank you @Herr_Rossi for your contribution! :clap:

as much as i’d want that, it think it’s not a good idea for us to hold our breath waiting for them to do so as they have not proven to be dependable historically. WE as a community have to take it upon ourselves to do most of this and then some.