Hi everyone from Southern Germany

Great to become a member in this nice forum where people like to speak about interesting backgrounds of Cardano and even still using verbs… This is not a forum of get-rich-quick kids who want to fly to the moon and I’m very happy about that.
I became interested in crypto during 2017, started reading and was reading more and more until I finally put some money into Cardano in March 2018.Well, this dip was not the deepest one to come but that’s always the problem when investing. But I’m sure that within ten years I will be out of the red again… :wink:
It’s sad to hear the news about Cardano Foundation not doing their job but in the end that means that Cardano is even stronger than expected when it could even manage to go along with that kind of Foundation. I think that the future will sort out this shortcoming and Cardano will within some years be the most lively cryptocurrency out there.
I’m really happy to have found out about Cardano and this forum and I’m really looking forward to a bright future.


Hello and Welcome the the Cardano community and forum, I beleive the same too! :slight_smile: all the best and and i can safely say for the rest of us, we are really happy you found Cardano too :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! You are in the right place, among some very intelligent folks who are passionate about Cardano.

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Welcome Herr Rossi

You’re right, not a get rich quick kid in sight here, a sober bunch… good people :+1:

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Great to have you @Herr_Rossi!

Best, Sean

Nice, I’m from south west Germany.

Schwob odr Badenser?

“Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.”


Soischnaaowiedr. :grinning:

Mir kennet o ois. Ooßer Huchdeitsch.

Looks like there is a “community” in DE-South. I’d intend to start translation of the client to Swabian, or German, if unavoidable…any interest to join me?

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Derfn do lei echte Bundesdeitsche mitmochn, oder a welche ausn Tiroler Raum?

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Borders are for FIAT-Fans. :wink:


No veal-sausage equator? :astonished:

Hallo zusammen, ein paar Leute aus dem Telegram-Channel ‘Deutsche Cardano Community’ sind gerade dabei ein überregionales Treffen zu organisieren t.me/CardanoGermanOfficial/13164
Wer hat Lust dabei zu sein/mitzumachen? Ich hoffe, es genügt, wenn ich dorthin verlinke - eine redundante Diskussion wäre sicher kontraproduktiv.


Herzlichen Dank! Bin sehr interessiert. Telegram kann ich aber erst morgen wieder auf dem anderen Rechner anschauen. Würde mich sehr freuen, mal ein paar Menschen in real-life kennenzulernen.

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Prima! Wir freuen uns! Ja, nichts geht über Face-to-face.