Hello from the Lake of Constance in Germany

Hi folks,
I´m Marcel from Germany and I´m super happy to have found the Cardano Foundation. Due to my studies regarding Asian Studies and Management in South and Southeast Asia, I had to do a presentation about different cryptoassets in Malaysia and so I came across all the magic that is the blockchain and the whole eco system of Cryptocurrencies and so on.

I did a bit of research and decidet to put a little money into crypto. But then I discovered Cardano and I´m frankly fascinated by the goals, the effort and the whole community of the Foundation as a whole.

Super happy to be part of the community and I´m looking forward to contribute as much as I can to this super interessting project. So I came for the crypto gains but stayed for the Cardano Foundation


Hi Marcel! Welcome to Cardano and it’s forum! happy to have you. Good luck.

Willkommen! Schöne Grüße zum Bodensee - wunderbare Gegend! :slight_smile:


Hi Marcel :slight_smile:

Nice to have you here!

Greetings from Switzerland :switzerland:

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Hallo und herzlich willkommen, @MaNiHe!

Thanks for sharing about the evolution of your experience in the crypto world.

Best regards, Nápoles