Hi there from Munich

Hi Cardano Community. I am Marc-Antoine, based in Munich. Not a developer - although I did my fair share of programming at Uni in engineering school. Excited by Blockchains and, in particular, by Cardano. I bought some ADA, fingers crossed. I am more of a hodler. :persevere:

I’d like to become proficient in what Cardano can do and, at a high level, how to do it. I’d also like to be part of a Cardano community in Munich - or create one if none exist. I also have a project in mind and I think Cardano could be the right platform for it. Who should I talk about it with?


Salut Marc-Antoine, welcome to the forum!

You will see that there are a few members from München around here by using the search feature.

Regarding your project, you can ask for advice in the developers /dApps category even though it might be a bit early for that! The smart contracts platform is still in a development phase as you can see on the roadmap.
However if you scroll down to the Goguen Era, you will see that there is a testnet launch in April for potential users to experiment their smart contracts on the IELE Virtual Machine. We’ll know more soon enough.
Best of luck!


Thank you Pierre.

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Hi Marc-Antoine,
welcome to Cardano Community! :slight_smile:
Lebe in der Nähe von Stuttgart, auf ein Käffchen wäre es ein wenig zu aufwendig, aber bei einem Mettup wäre ich dabei!
Gruß Chris

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I’m not directly from Munich but please keep me informed about a possible meetup

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