Hobbyinvestor from Munich here - Hi Cardano Community

Hi there

I’m living in Munich with my girlfrend, and a friend of ours recently put us on to Cardano. We researched and bought in the next day. Since then i’ve been following the subreddit for news about Cardano, so i figured why not be an active part of the community here on the Cardano-forum. My understanding of the science and technology is fairly limited, so i’m mainly here to learn and educate myself.


Welcome to the community!

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Hi @Kukdi
Welcome to Cardano Community! :cardano:

This could be interesting for you:

We are planing a meetup in Munich!


Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask questions if you cannot find already existing threads on a topic your interested in, glad to have you come over from reddit!:blush:


Hi @Kukdi and welcome to the community

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