Greetings from Austria - no Kangoroos ;)


Hy Folks, my name is Thomas and i’m from styria/austria. I’m investing in kryptos since 07/2017 and i’m a strong HODLER. So Cardano got also my attention in 12/17, hope not to late for an Invest :wink: no, i’m very hopeful for this project, the team is amazing and the roadmap is more then great. First of all, I’m here to learn more about Cardano. Dont follow Dreams let us hunt goals :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Tirli, I hope your goals come to fruition :slight_smile:.


Hey welcome to this forum!
Gruß Gott! :wink:


Hi Thomas! Greetings from your neighbor in Carinthia :grinning:


A warm welcome to you @Tirli Thomas! :slight_smile: