Portuguese community channels?

Hello Tugas,

I know that Cardano has a lot of fans from Brazil but I wonder how big is the Portuguese (from Portugal) community. Is it worth opening a communication channel to plan some meetings, were we could work & learn together to help the overall platform?

If you are from Portugal let me know in what you would be interested.



Hi @adapt!
There aren’t any Portuguese channels that I am aware of, but community members have started unofficial Telegram channels for their languages if that’s what you’re thinking of! It’s up to you, but of course, we ask that you make clear that the channel is run by yourself or other community members.

Another great person to talk to would be Carlos @im_on_cardano
He’s been working hard to translate content to Portuguese and is one of our Cardano Ambassadors!

Check out his gitHub with all the translated content: https://github.com/im-on-github/CardanoPortuguese

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@adapt - We should definitely get together with @im_on_cardano, @adapt and @OrthodoxCaveman and kickstart something! :muscle: Um abraço do Porto

EDIT: late tag for @adapt - if you know any other community members please tag them here

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Today there is a official PT_many_countries public group on Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialCardanoPT :blush:

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