Meet up participation and collaboration with your community - Maria Carmo

Hi all!
Here is Maria Carmo the first and only woman to be an Ambassador.
I love Cardano as much as you do and if you need help with meetup or anything else I am here to help.
I am open to collaborations
Please feel free to pm me
Thank you for your time
Maria Carmo

Hi Maria
Congratulations on your appointment :clap:
Wish you much success working on this brilliant project
I think there is a group on Telegram who have done some meetups (pre Covid stuff) might be worth connecting with them to assist in getting one going for yourself.
Quick question, where in the world are you planning your meet ups or are they Zoom type events?

It would be zoom or google meet.
I have my meetup on my country but I would love be able to collaborate to bring more girl to Cardano
Regardless where they live in the world
The meet up need to be in English I think