Cardano Summit

Hi Guys !
Does anyone know how the Cardano Foundation is selecting the cities for the Cardano Summit Event ? I’m based in Paris but unfortunately there is nothing going on in my town ! I’m so sad, i wanted to meet people :frowning:

You can, or could, send them a request to be a host of your own event.


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Hey @Akani , you can suggest and host a local meetup.

Apply here: Cardano Summit 2021 | Host a Local Meetup

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I checked the Summit locations but Paris is not included. I am sorry. I don’t think they are adding anymore location. I’m sure the summit will be livestream for everyone anywhere to watch. So maybe you could use this opportunity to start a local Cardano meetup in Paris. This way you can get few people or other Cardano members in your location to watch the livestream with you. If you need help, I’m willing to help you find Cardano members in the community who are close to your location. Hopefully, we can help you find a local community for the summit.

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Hi Mike,
I have applied to host local meetup in Hanoi City, Vietnam since August,14th.
Could you please check the official Summit Locations List?
Is Hanoi included?

Hi TranCuong. I appreciate your desire to host a meetup. It’s awesome. You don’t have to apply to host a local meetup. Hosting meetups is all about organizing people to build a Cardano community in a specific location. In short you don’t need anyone’s permission from Cardano to host one. Yes, there are guidelines to help you and protect the Cardano brand. I can find the meetup organizer guidelines for you if you are interested. You can start a meetup when ever you want. Keep me posted. I don’t mine giving you few pointers in how I got started.

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and yes, please give me the meetup organizer guidelines. :pray: :pray: :pray:
I’ll bring Cardano to my Vietnamese Cardano Community (app. 1700 members).
Thanks so much ,Mike

Hey Mike ! thank you so much for your message ! Yes i would appreciate you to help me with that :slight_smile: Are you yourself a community host ?

I am a meetup organizer in Miami, Florida. I’ll start searching for Cardano members in Paris for the Summit. I’ll keep you posted.