Berlin Community Event for the Cardano Summit 2022 - Looking for Speakers

Hi all,

in cooperation with the Cardano Foundation (and a friend of mine, who has hosted quite some blockchain events before), I’ll be hosting a Cardano Community Event in Berlin around the time of the Cardano Summit 2022.

I’ve just started the process of planning the whole event and I’m currently looking for Cardano projects from Berlin (and larger metropolian area, even GER/AT/CH in generell) that are interested to come and present their project at this event?

It will either be a pre-event happening on Saturday, the 19th of November, or on Sunday the 20th during the summit. Can tell you more once I’ve progressed with the planning.

Furthermore, feel free to contact me if you are interested in attending the event! Very happy to talk to anyone beforehand! Or, if you are a community member interested in co-hosting or helping with the organisation, I’d be very happy about that too!

Thank you in advance, looking foward to responses.

Best regards,
Bastian | SHARE pool


That’s awesome @Bastian_from_SHARE!

Looking forward to what you guys will come up with :eyes:

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Thank you, Nicolas! @Lovecoach

Looking forward to a continued great cooperation with the CF for organizing this event :slight_smile:

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Thank you Bastian for this initiative! I am quite excited to see this and happy I found it. Looking forward to attending this event!

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Hey Saint_Peter (Simon? :wink:),
I’m glad you are excited about the event, very happy to see you there!

The event has been created: