Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Meetup's group

Hello! I’m Marcus from :cardano: ADA Brasil community :cardano:.

I have made 5 meetups here in, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 4 unofficial Meetups (offline) and one Official Meetup with remote Emurgo participation (offline and online). One unofficial meetup got 120 offline attendees.

We have a 200’s people Telegram Group.

I’m trying to set up a group. But it is a premium feature.

Does someone think Cardano could support that account? $60 or $96 annual.

I’ve read the “Meetup guidelines” and didn’t found that.

My TG contact: @marcusoregano

Thanks for the help!


Hi @marcusoregano !

That’s great to hear! Can you email us at

In case you missed it, we posted a meetup ebook and in it, we do provide support for meetup organizers who qualify under the ambassador status (which you have by hosting 5 events). We’ll just need some more information from you to get started.

Here’s the ebook if you’re interested: Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines

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Cool! I’ll e-mail to the community address.

I’ve applied to be an ambassador :blush:

I can send the information to start.

I’ve read this book. It is a very good guideline. I missed something like that when I organized my events

Thanks for the support!