Rio de Janeiro, unofficial meetup, Brazil, March/2019

We did an event here in Rio de Janeiro. After de PUC-Rio event(Dec/18), Guilherme from Estácio university invited me to 30 min talk about Cardano at Estácio university.

Event’s video:

Estácio is the biggest university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in terms of student among all. Private and public.

Date was: 03/14/2019.

goal of the event was

•Spread the word about blockchain and new business;
•Increase the presence of Cardano in Brazil;
•Establish some business network for Cardano;

Wendel from Smartcash Brasil was invited too and offered a sponsor. In this case there wasn’t need for Cardano sponsorship:

(1) Smartcash sponsored the event’s minimum workers and coffe break ($800,00);

(2) Estácio university will sponsor the 100 people room - ($ 600 for 4 hours);

Costs were already sponsored. :mage:


Thank you for holding your meetup and sharing the recap with the community! Please help our team help you improve your meetup experience by sharing your feedback :slight_smile:

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help you improve your meetup experience by sharing your feedback :slight_smile:


The photographer was sponsored by Waves Brazil, but he didn’t deliverd the photos yet. :sweat_smile:

We didn’t used any banners or printed materials.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks Marcus! Can you please fill out this form as we are trying to compiling the meetup resources for the community. Feel free to fill out as much as you want :slight_smile:

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Done! :+1: