[RECAP] Cardano stands and speech - Criptoblock

Hi, folks! Greetings from Brazil’s community :brazil:

I’m here to share a wonderful experience i had this days. I had the opportunity to seed some principles of Cardano :cardano: to a big audience on a event: Criptoblock :innocent:

CriptoBlock is an event on adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies. They invited me to hold 2 free :partying_face: stands (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) about Cardano. Invited to 2 speechs about Cardano too (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). I decided to attend as a community member, to spread the word about Cardano project.

@YeJi.Kim has gave me some support about events details. :hugs:

It was great to see a big interest about the project here in Brazil. The stands were crowded. Many people asking me about Shelley! :iohk: Some content creators invited me to interviews about the project.

São Paulo :factory:
Rio de Janeiro :beach_umbrella:

Youtubers invited me to speak some words about the project [PT_BR]

The event:

An event involving merchants, investors university students and a community interested in knowing payment solutions, accepted crypto-coins and technology.

Goals of the event:

-Increase and reliability in the use of crypto-coins in day-to-day

We will gather in this second event a large number of entrepreneurs interested in implementing payment methods in their establishments, investors and enthusiasts with a focus on knowing better new technologies and businesses.

-Increase the use of crypto-coins in Brazil

Brazil has a large area of people interested in cryptomoedas and is a great influencer with active voice throughout Latin America being known by professionals worldwide with a focus on technology. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate to a select group new technologies and solutions important to commerce and to the end user, the event will be promoted in Rio de Janeiro(1) known for the wonderful city and stage of great events of success in the country. Besides São Paulo(2).

-Increasing the crypto-coin payment network

The CriptoBlock event wants to show strength by bringing together a team of influencers to demonstrate the presence of crypto-coins in Brazil, attracting a select audience of investors and entrepreneurs interested in receiving payments with crypto-coins and alternatives of use such as SmartBands and SmartCards.

Event’s social media:






It was cool to speak out about the project! Sya! :woman_mage:t4:


The Brazilian community is very active. Example? I experienced this during the meme contest. I met with exceptionally warm and numerous support and response on TG as in no other community. Respect !


Thank you for representing!


@marcusoregano Thank you so much for this amazing recap! The team will this with the global community :slight_smile:


@marcusoregano obrigado! :pray:

Great to get some feedback and a view of what is going on at the other side of the world! Thanks for all that you do!


Thanks for the feedback! :handshake:

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Thanks @Donnybaseball, @YeJi.Kim and @Katsumoto for the support on that!

For me it was a pleasure! :wink:


Congratulacions @marcusoregano !!!

Cool initiative!!

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Thanks! @anna_karakola :hugs: