Brazil, CriptoBlock, 2019 - sponsorship invite

People I’ve received an invite to join as a sponsor of a Blockchain event: CriptoBlock, 2019. Do you think would be possible to sponsor that? Should I send the sponsor invite to This event will be held next month, 06/16/2019. Thanks for the help!

Last CriptoBlock:

This invite came after a pitch on the BitConf VII last week(below):

The event

CriptoBlock, 2019

Cryptoblock is the biggest event on adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies in Brazil (click here)

What is the proposal?

Brand exposing and education. It’s a stand with a big banner and educational pitches

Confirmed sponsors: 3xbit, ATAR and Zaigar

  • Date and time

06/16 UTC-2, 10:00 to 22:00 (one day)

  • Place

Iate Club, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil (capacity 300 people offline)

  • How Cardano join? 2 options
  1. Big canvas banner on a exclusive stand: sponsorship ($1250)
  2. small logo on a shared banners: sponsorship ($300)


By having this stand, what does Marcus wants to achieve?

  1. Increase the presence of Cardano in Brazil.
  2. Establish some business network for the Cardano.
  3. Communication: Have the Cardano logo printed on big size on the materials
  4. Make some personal pitches about the project with the big players
  5. Have a 40 min talk about the project to a big audience

Who is the audience and how big is it?

The majority will be tech enthusiasts and most of the business contacts on Blockchain sector, Brazil. The expected accumulated number of audience is 6.300 participants (online live + offline).

-70% of beginners

-15% of blockchain users

-15% of business people (mostly tech, retail and blockchain)

Audience details:

-300 offline

-6.000 online (the last CriptoBlock had 4000 online live audience)

-Special guests: Youtubers, Startups, etc

3 types of pitches:

  1. Beginners pitch: Introduction on blockchain, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations. small briefing on Cardano;
  2. Blockchain user pitch: Cardano achievements, Roadmap, Cardano clients;
  3. business people pitch: Marlowe testnet and computation layer roadmap (dApps);

Why not, what harm could it do?

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Only thinking about channel option, community validation and evaluate the idea before communicating to one channel… :blush:

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