Brazil, Campus Party, 2019 - sponsorship

People I’ve received an invite to join as a sponsor on a networking event. Unfortunately, they invited me at the last minute. Do you think would be possible to sponsor that? This event will be held next week. Thanks for the help!

Campus Party, 2019

Campus Party is the largest international experience based on innovation and creativity. Campus Party counts 1 Guinness World Record for the largest social hackathon, a community of 600,000+ "campuseros" (participants), more than 3 Million of visitors and thousands of Partners.

What is the event?

Brand exposing. It’s a networking stand with with one of the biggest players on Brazil’s market.

Confirmed sponsors: Oracle, Atlas Quantum, 3xbit

  • Date and time

02/14 UTC-2, 10:00 to 22:00

  • Place

Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

  • How Cardano join? 2 options
  1. Big logo on the stands: sponsorship ($500 + $300 of transport+ accommodation)
  2. small logo: only Marcus Vinicius help with organization ($300 of transport+ accommodation)


By having this meetup, what does Marcus wants to achieve?

  1. Increase the presence of Cardano in Brazil.
  2. Establish some business network for the Cardano.
  3. Communication: Have the Cardano logo printed on big size on the materials
  4. Make some personal pitches about the project with the biggest players

Who is the audience and how big is it?

The majority will be tech enthusiasts and most of the business contacts on Blockchain sector, Brazil. The expected accumulated number of audience is 120 offline participants. 1000 people offline exposure. Some online exposure on Atlas Quantum and 3XBIT social media with the logo.

-50% of beginners

-30% of blockchain users

-20% of business people (mostly tech and blockchain)

Audience details:

-Oracle confirmed

-3XBIT exchange confirmed

-Atlas Quantum confirmed

3 types of pitches:

  1. Beginners pitch: Introduction on blockchain, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations. small briefing on Cardano;
  2. Blockchain user pitch: Cardano achievements, Roadmap, Cardano clients;
  3. business people pitch: Marlowe testnet and computation layer roadmap (dApps);

Campus party is a big event in Brazil
I think i will go one or two days


Let’s see, maybe we can met there! :mage:t4:

It would be great!

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Definitely something for @maki.mukai & @tom.kelly @YeJi.Kim to look at and see if they can do anything. Did you also check the new, updated guidelines for meetups here? (may be of use)


@Katsumoto, thanks!

I’ve already read the material. I was thinking about where to post this because of the “Consistency” aspect. It’s an annual event. I’ve considered “community initiatives”.

This event would be more promotional and branding. I’m thinking about e-mail Emurgo. Maybe it would be better.

We would join Oracle, Atlas Quantum and 3XBIT.

I think it would be good because of the important player’s sponsorship and the size of “Campus Party event”, which is the biggest tech event here.

@Chess @VAMOQVAMO @Ana_Elle_Oficial there will be free snacks! Pizza :pizza::blush:

The stand is confirmed even without us. We are here talking about the Cardano logo and presence.

Unfortunately, I’m from Rio and it’s not so easy to go.

They offered a working ticket “to Cardano” to be at the event.


Any news? Brazil is a very promising country for cryptocurrencies!

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Yep, sure is worth a shot. You could try contacting Florian Bohnert or @Emurgo-Ken from Emurgo. Good luck!

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Good idea… i want go… an big distance…

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Dear Marcus,

Thanks and the one issue I see is with time - we usually need more time simply to check out the circumstances etc. But we can try - please forward the sponsor invite to info at plus the same text above - then we can have a closer look internally. Again, please no expectations, simply due to time.




Thanks for the support. I’ve asked for a formal invite on a e-mail ASAP. We were talking on WhatsApp. :blush:

Thanks for tagging us @Katsumoto!
Nathan is taking care of this now, and the community team will help CF for further action. :slight_smile:


I’ve sent a e-mail to CF:

Thanks @yeji.kimfor the support too.

The time is too short, unfortunately.