Rio de Janeiro, Meetup with Emurgo, Brazil

Guys, greetings!

I’m here to give a big thanks to Shunsuke Murasaki (Emurgo) for the help with the Meetup held at PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Murasaki is a director of Emurgo.

We had a Telegram group with 40 people before the Meetup. After the Emurgo Meetup we achieved 150 members.

Today we are 260 members.

It was our 5th Meetup. First with the official remote participation of the Emurgo:

We’ve made 4 unofficial Meetups like the one on the photo below:

We’ve got 120 attendees for an unofficial Meetup. Not because of our capacity, but because of the content itself: Cardano.