"Smart cities and Cardano" meetup, Brazil - 10/17/2019

I was invited to talk about Cardano project :cardano: and to discuss the topic of smart cities :night_with_stars: on a university here: UNISUAM. This is a UN-Habitat supported event. :seedling:


You, guys, have any ideias on how to aproach this topic on a Cardano’s speak?

I’ was thinking about some Supply chain and RFID to link with Cardano.

Do you have any idea about that?


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What about the Mongolian air monitoring project?

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@marcusoregano Hi, I have a lot of ideas for smart city solutions, and also how to enable it for undeveloped countries. Just send me a PM on actual problems you like to solve. It correlates to LoRaWan network capabilities and Cardano functionality …always


Excellent, Rob! It fits with the UN-Habitat mission :v:

@roarh, thanks for the reply. I’ve never worked or studied smart cities in deep.

I’ll discuss with city hall guy. Let’s see if he opens some door to probe a cooperation.

I would love to help on depollution of Guanabara Bay, for example! But again: I have no experience with IoT.
I work with finance

Thanks for the openness :wave:

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