Cardano Netherlands Meetup


Hello guys, I am trying to get a Cardano meetup going in Amsterdam but I need the help of some local Cardano fans in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and surrounding areas!

I have done my best to round up all those who I think could help organise / attend from the forum:

@danieladam85 @JaapEr1k @Bullish @Ad_de_jonge @MarcoMarsem @vladrize @BypassBob @Andy_Hendrikx @carpediem8 @badtorito @D0rfl @R0ber10-O @nldenic @Godspeed @marc.nieuwhof @KeesjanB @Adasthetics @Robbert @Mark01 @Mathando @siato @Raymond_van_Helsding @Dondz @ebwtrad764 @Ferdy @dvdkroft @taintech @Kramer013 @Mao_Jamal @mootje @badtorito @mieres13 @matnisstrovia @pcsasd @pieter @partyspock @devbym @Edison @sibuzi

Below is the Cardano Foundation meetup group which I created and I want to make some of you guys co organisers.

Is anyone interested to help organise? :netherlands:


I am happy to help @tom.kelly :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks @Andy_Hendrikx.

Let’s see who else is keen and then we can schedule a call to organise. :slight_smile:

Hi Tom,

I’m definitly interested in a Cardano meet-up in the Netherlands, I was thinking to set-up a Rotterdam meetup, but since the Netherlands isn’t that big, we can start off in Amsterdam :wink:
If we organise it in Rotterdam, I can take care of a nice location, next to Rotterdam central station.

What would the meetup need ? How much participants and are persons joining the meet-up willing to present their knowledge about Cardano ?

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Should we already plan a call on this? make it public so others can join ?

Great if the meetup is on a monday or tuesday :slight_smile:

Why? I’didnt really think what would be a great day for the meet-up yet. Let’s see if we can find some interested people combined with a returning event.

Looking forward to set this up :slight_smile: Can u guys make some notes for me for the call thats going to take place for the meetup? Thanks in advance!

I had the call only with @tom.kelly and the summary is to form a core-group to coordinate towards an organised first meet-up. The persons who he pointed out were @Andy_Hendrikx @Bullish and myself.
If there are other volunteers wanting to be a part of the core team to organize meet-ups in the Netherlands, your definitely welcome.

We can create a slack, whatsapp or something else to be in touch.

We are aiming to have the meet-up in mid-July in Rotterdam. Blocklab is situated in the CIC. I can arrange a good space, for a community to meet here and it’s pretty central.

With the core-team we can think about a certain format of topics/themes for the meet-up, such as:

  • Stake pool experience testnet
  • Requirements to set-up a stake pool
  • Cardano Roadmap
  • The KEVM smart contracts testnet examples/deployment
  • Staking icentives explanation
  • live tweet! Tell us what your working on and find support or get traction.
  • Trainings/workshop on smart contract development
  • Virtual or Live session with someone from IOHK/Cardano
  • This list can be expanded …

If you knowledgable about Cardano and studied the protocol or its working in depth and would like to pass on this knowledge in the Netherlands, than PM me and I can start forming a programme.

It would also be great if members of IOHK could join this meet-up physical or virtual, once the date is final. But this is a community gathering and they are publishing most of the knowledge, which is up to the community to pass on.

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First of all, many thanks @Ilhan and @tom.kelly. You guys made good progress and i love seeing the points as seen above.

First things which comes up in my mind right now is boosting the visibility of our meetup. Maybe we can promote it on different social channels. (Edit: Post on Reddit at the moment :))

@Ilhan, can you PM me your contact details, like cellphone number and/or Telegram handle? It’s something @Bullish, me and others use to stay in contact.

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yeah I agree to the visibility and we will promote the event. At some point if we have a date, I’m sure we can count on the Cardano Announcements telegram to help us a hand.

I’m also a co-organizer of the meet-up group now and I’m willing set the date to the 16th of July, start around 6.30 for the meet-up and we can work towards that.

@Andy_Hendrikx done!


@Ilhan, @Bullish and @Andy_Hendrikx have come together and organised the first meetup in the Netherlands!

Let’s get the Dutch Cardano community kickstarted!

RSVP Below :slight_smile: :netherlands:


Wow! Great to see the Rotterdam meetup with two interesting R&D speakers and


Yesterday we had the meetup in Rotterdam, it was a great evening with interesting talks from the Foundation, Bernardo David & Edsko de Vries.

Edsko had a chat with some people about delegation, and he wanted to clarify some things after checking the latest spec. So I’m posting this on his behalf, considering the discussions don’t allow you more than 140 characters.

From Edsko de Vries:

It was a pleasure meeting you all yesterday! I had a chat with some people about delegation after the presentations. Delegation is a big subject that I haven’t worked on much personally, and moreover the full delegation specification is still a work in progress (you can find the latest version at
, but bear in mind it’s still in flux).

But the short story is as follows.

  1. Each coin has a balance and a stake of the same value.
  2. The owner of the coin is at all times in charge of the stake in the sense that they can decide who can use the stake (and can later change their mind). When they give someone else the right to use that stake, that person will get their block signing rights, but nothing else.
  3. The way stake usage rights are transferred is by encoding this in the address. So, when you send a coin to an address, that address specifies “the owner of this coin becomes such-and-such, and the stake can be used by that-other-person”
  4. If the owner of the coin wants to re-delegate, they can simply transfer that coin back to themselves (to their own address) but with a different annotation in the address saying “but now give that-third-person” (or indeed “but now give myself”) the usage rights to the stake.

The full story is much more complicated than this (see the spec), but this is the short summary.

Hope that helps!



Thnx Ilhan for posting Edsko’s info. I was one of the persons Edsko talked to. I was indeed hoping that the owner of the coin is in control of the corresponding stake at all times. So I am relieved :sweat_smile: