Cardano Blockchain Kerala - INDIA

We are organizing our First Meetup about Introduction to Cardano Blockchain on February 27, 2020 Saturday at 10 am IST

Hey Adarsh, good to see you on the forum. Looking forward to the upcoming meetup! :smiley:

@adarsh How’s the meetup going? Hope it’s all going well. :smiley:

Hey Ryan,
Meetup went well,…
we have about 33 participants in the first meetup and have about 81 members in our meetup group now…
We are planning for monthly meetups now…!! both for developers and enthusiasts.
it will be great if you can suggest some inputs for the upcoming meetups to attract more enthusiasts.


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Awesome. That’s a pretty good beginning.
I don’t think I can suggest some inputs since I don’t know the level of your meetup participants. Generally, you can start with some basic introduction of Cardano then move to more specific topics like how to use Daedalus wallet, how to staking, what is Catalyst Project, etc. You can also have a look at what other meetup organizers are talking about here on the forum for reference.

Thanks Ryan,
Most of the members are newbie’s to Cardano. They have some experience in ethereum n hyperledger i suppose.
Some of them are interest to launch applications on cardano and get to know the tutorials on Dapp and smart contract building
we are planning for the next meetup by end of march