SN Translations Platform looking for Collaborators ( all languages - especially african languages )


This is Rik from the Safety in Numbers Collective ( SNC ).

Our Langbassadors program was funded in Fund 5, so many thanks to those of you having collaborated or voted for us !!!

The Langbassadors bring Blockchain and Cardano Education & Crypto Risk Prevention, but all spoken in native languages.

Since the start of Fund 5 begin april we started executing our white paper and we have a website where all the progress is being shown under the button “Roadmap” on our website

By end of August SNC already grew from 3 to more than 20 collaborators, and currently we have already created 7 separate language hubs on YouTube, and we will reach the double digits very soon now ).

More than 3000 collective man hours were already put in place to reach the POC of our whitepaper and organise the content flow and ourselves.

The Langbassadors already created several Youtube videos and White board animation videos, in those same languages. They all are called “Welcome to Cardano”, but translated in the local language. Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Luganda, Filipino, Russian, etc… have already started.

The funded proposal gives us a budget for 3 months to give some money for up to 12 African Langbassadors.

It is important to stress that we are looking for ENGAGED people who want to help out their local language community by making Cardano accessible in their own language.
We submitted 4 proposals in Fund 6 to ask for Prolonged Funding of the African Langbassadors for another 3 months. If we don’t receive continuation funding we still want Langbassadors interested in contributing by translating.
Hereby our proposals on ideascale, i invite everyone thinking that translating is important to make Cardano the ‘blockchain of the world’.
Only 9% of the world population speaks English.

So any kudos on ideascale, and yes vote in Catalyst are very much appreciated.:

SNC is working on creating a revenue stream independent of funding ( stakepools - NFT’s - merchandising ), but that is a long term plan and we search for people wanting to invest in their skills and are engaged to help contribute to Cardano.and look as receiving money through Catalyst as a nice bonus. So if funding through Catalyst is stopped we would like our Langbassadors still willing to keep on contributing content.

The advantage of good educational content is once created it generates clicks ( and once popular enough also revenue ), so entrepreneurs can start helping to build enough quality content to become more and more popular as blockchain awareness worldwide starts to grow faster and faster

So which languages are we looking for, every language need to be spoken by minimum 1 million people, but priority will go to the largest languages first ).
The Langbassadors really want to start asap with :

Amharic ( spoken in Ethiopia ) by 36 million people
Omoro ( spoken in Ethiopia ) by 32 million people
Afrikaner ( spoken in South-Africa )

Hausa (over 49 million when including second-language, or L2, speakers, in Nigeria ( largest African crypto market)),
Yoruba (over 42 million including L2 speakers in Nigeria),
Igbo (over 30 million, including L2 speakers in Nigeria)
Hebrew ( Spoken in Israel )

Do you know of people interested in joining the Langbassadors speaking any of these languages ( there is no limit to the number of Langbassadors per channel ), then please send us a mail on or

Or visit our website and fill in the contact form ( SN Cardano ) .

The goal is to start local language hubs everywhere, not only in Africa.

So everybody speaking non English languages and look for a way to contribute, please apply as well. We want to offer every content maker or translator a platform

But since the first focus continent of Cardano is Africa, it made sense the Langbassadors started first in the African challenge to ask for Catalyst funding for the african Langbassador program.

But in Fund 6 we also submitted to get funding for other languages as well.

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