Candidates to join the Safety In Numbers collective - Catalyst Fund5 initiative

the S.I.N. Collective is a group of individual entities all collaborating through a system of 'incentivised Solidarity. We are all heavily socially engaged and we want to create a whole trajectory of welcoming new users in their native language and guiding them in the exciting world of crypto. But those entrepreneurs then will be also helped with a think thank, launchpad, micro-finance & crowdfunding platforn and a market place in which all those projects can enter the global economy with projects of the highest quality.

Since we started april 10 th with 3 people, we have grown already to 10 team members and 12-15 eligable candidates for Langbassador, our first project that will launch a chain of youtube channels bringing the Cardano and Catalyst news combining it with docutainment

So we are still in the lookout to devs in all disciplines, as well as many creative talent skills as well.

For the youtube channels we are also urgently looking for the following profile:

**If you speak a non english language and english fluently, have an open and enthousiastic personality and you want to help improving your local comminity then let me know because i have an exciting opportunity you might be intrested in participating in

You get the opportunity to bring the Cardano news on your own youtube channel but as a member of a bigger collective which provides you with all support needed.

One just needs a pleasent presenting style and a love for Cardano and your local community

Everyone intrested can apply by adding the projects new skype : S.I.N. Project langbassadors or can contact us by mail :** . ( you can also mail for a copy of the whitepaper )

To map out all skills within the team & all the languages applying ( and to have an internal overview of skill sets of all candidates for membership ) we created this fill in form for which every candidate is invited to fill it in:

SIN Collective: Info Sheet

Please answer the information sheet as honestly as possible.
Disclaimer: All information will only be used for manpower pooling purposes and shall be kept private and will not be used for any commercial and / or public disclosure.

For those who feel reluctant to fill it in, it is no necessity because it can be posponed till after the skype interview

The Safety In Numbers white paper is just submitted ( in 5 categories ), but the Langbassadors Program for the youtube Channels can be found in the Challenge : Grow Africa Grow Cardano under the title ADA NEWS IN AFRICA.

We will also need all the support and upvoting we can get in all categories.

So please spread the word for those who like us think that welcoming new crypto users entering the Cardano blockchain should be done in the native language & entrepreneurs in the developing countries should have a specialist team helping them to make their initiatives more professional much quicker and provide the platforms to showcase them
We fear new Cardano users will fall victim to all the FUD FOMO and scams because it’s a completely new world for them and they will be requiring a lot of ELI5 to get familiar with everything Cardano and blockchain can offer them.

Soon our Discord will be starting to get organised and every member, candidate and supporter will be more than welcome to join us there too