Projects in Africa

Hi all ,

Created this tag so we can connect as African projects and build an ecosystem amongst ourselves as well . Please feel free to drop a note about a project you know / part of based in Africa.

My most favorite is World Mobile.

Hi, Rik from the Safety in Numbers Collective here.
Great idea, SNC has a fund 5 funded proposal to bring ELI5 educational videos ( white board animations & podcasts ) but all narrated in native languages.

With our system we can make one great animation in as many languages as we can find translators and narrators to complete them.
We have created seperate Language YouTube hubs where we aim to assemble all cardano and blockchain related content from the LangBassadors, and any other project that creates content in that non-English language

Check out our site ( there’s a contact form ) : SN Cardano

, or subscribe on our channels ( Welcome to Cardano, but also translated in different languages as well ) : Welcome to Cardano - YouTube

Since our proposal in Fund 5 was regarding sponsoring for Affrican Langbassadors translating for a period for 3 months, and in Fund 6 we are asking for further funding, but not only for African languages, but for all languages.

Or send us a mail :