Cardano translated into 5 local languages by Cardano Ghana Community

:globe_with_meridians: Exciting News from Cardano Ghana Community! :rocket: Completed our second milestone: Cardano & Project Catalyst translated into 5 major Ghanaian languages! :tada: Dive into Cardano (Official) blockchain in any of these languages:

  1. Dagbani :earth_africa:: Watch Here - :link:

  2. Twi :rocket:: Watch Here - :mag:

  3. Hausa :globe_with_meridians:: Watch Here - :movie_camera:

  4. Ewe :star2:: Watch Here - :rocket:

  5. Dagaari :tada:: Watch Here - :globe_with_meridians:

Big thanks to our translators and the Cardano Ghana Community Team! :raised_hands:

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#CardanoTranslation #DecentralizedInnovation #BlockchainLanguages


I wouldn’t know any of those languages, but I approve.


Awesome, keep it up