Cardano Ghana Community Proposals

Our proposals seek to;

  1. Educate and onboard 300+ students and entrepreneurs to leverage Cardano’s Project Catalyst to innovate their open ideas in the Cardano ecosystem.

  2. To establish a community in Ghana to drive Cardano adoption and community growth, via; Content creation, translation, Cardano meetups and Community management

  3. To educate and onboard 200+ ADA holders to delegate their vote to a dRep or become a dRep.Your endorsement is highly appreciated. Thanks for voting :handshake:

Link tree here


@seiduziblim this sounds really exciting. I hope your proposal will get some traction. There is a lot of opportunities in Ghana for deploying Cardano.
Kind Regards


@Frederik_Gregaard yeah, the Cardano Community in Ghana is increasingly growing over the past 2 years, and hence, there is the need to sustain our projects and build a resilient Cardano Community for all Cardanians in Ghana and beyond. Appreciate your time and thoughts.