Projects for South Africa

Hello!! I am from South Africa and would like to connect to other Ada people so we can work on new projects powered by Cardano for S.A together. How many people in this group is from South Africa?

I believe in true freedom and want to serve those in need of hope. Thx for all of you who want to make a difference


Cheers David and welcome here friend :slight_smile:
One place where you may find some great minds from the African Cardano Community is the Africa Town Hall telegram, you will definitely find some good folks there which have already quite some experience with building on/with Cardano. But… not sure how many folks exactly you will find from south Africa, for the moment it seems that we dont have a strong community there… Hope this will change in the future :slight_smile:

However, if you need any help or guidance while discovering the Cardano Community, feel free to contact me any time, DMs are open

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Hey Felix, thank you so much for your response and group invite! I would be honoured to have a chat with you. I have been researching crypto for about 2 years and cardano for months. I believe in this project and industry. But I need some guidance on how I can help build the community and impact Here in South Africa! Please send me a telegram DM if you can or email me at: (I don’t know how to DM here)

sure :slight_smile:
you can reach me via this Telegram Link

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Hello David, I hope you are doing well.

David, We are a software development company based in India, and Cardano is being used by our skilled blockchain developers. We have already built an NFT marketplace on Cardano Blockchain and are now creating Relay and Production nodes for one of our clients.

I am based In India, However, feel free to get in touch with me if you need any assistance or direction in creating projects with Cardano. Additionally, get in touch with us if you require assistance from designers or developers for your projects.

Here is my email:

Dhruval K

Hello David, I am from Nigeria, currently undergoing the Emurgo Academy’s Training, I will be willing to contribute to this project with the knowledge I have so far if you dont mind.