Starting Cardano Community in Johanessburg, South Africa

Hi Guys,

Trust you guys are doing well.

My name is Fabrice, currently Train Control Engineer, been very enthusiastic about a blockchain and Cardano in particular.

Ive been thinking of starting a Cardano Community in South Africa with focus on getting people aware of benefits of blockchain in African context, along with interesting features that the Cardano protocol present to addressing these problems.

I need some advice and perspective on how to go about this, if you from South Africa, it would be awesome to get to you know and potentially get this up and going.



Hey Fabrice!!

I think IOHK has an office setup in Africa, it might be good if you drop an contact with them?
@IOHK_Laurie from IOHK is also active in the forum, a DM might be good, too!



Hello Fabrice and Welcome to the Cardano team!