Development for a Cardano-Africa Documentary

Hello everyone, I am conducting the pre-production phase of The Cardano Times’ documentary detailing the Cardano blockchain and its progress with giving economic independence and opportunity to the continent.

If you guys have any great sources, research papers, or places that could help out with gathering information I would truly appreciate it!

If there is anyone from the Cardano Team who has worked in Africa and/or specific projects in countries I would love to have you on for an interview to give a wide variety of information both from sources and validated research and information from IOHK, The Cardano Foundation, etc.

I think Cardano’s objective to furthering the development of such a disastrously failed continent both by the world and their governments is truly an amazing mission and I believe the community and the world deserves to hear the story!


Imo id start here :

Hello. I am a catalyst member and a fund 8 funded proposer residing in Tanzania (East Africa) i will be happy to assist if needed

That is fantastic, I will contact you soon. Thank you so much for your contribitution, I truly do believe it would be fantastic to get a real perspective on Project Catalyst and its goals to empower individuals in Africa!

I live an reside in Côte d’Ivoire. I’ve proposed some projects with WADA back in fund 6. I’ve been around since 2018. I did some presentations to students and academics in Abidjan about the Cardano blockchain. I’ll be happy to answer your question by mail.

We are on the similar track.
I’m a documentary filmmaker myself. Currently working on the Wada project.
May I DM you?

Maybe we can join our efforts.

All the best

How is your project going ?