Interest In Working with Devs for Fund7 Project Development - Africa Focused Use Case

Greetings Everyone,

I am developing a project to propose when Fund7 launches via Catalyst. The project will be a large undertaking and long term, so please only serious inquiries.

The basic idea of the project is the build a system that creates financial identities for rural individuals in Africa. This would involve developing or using an already existing wallet, development of a lending protocol, development of a 1:1 stablecoin for local fiat, and integration to a system that is already in development off chain.

Personal Background: I am originally from the United States and have lived in Zambia for the past 7+ years building a social enterprise focused on increasing sustainable incomes through beekeeping and protecting forests near conservation areas.

What I need: Developers that can answer technical questions and help me understand further if what I am thinking is possible.

If interested please contact me on Discord at Mborongoma#6072

Thanks for reading!