A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Moderator Role

We created the Moderator role within our Cardano Ambassador program for the main purpose of finding those who can help keep our official online social channels informative, productive and pleasant places for the community to come together.

Each social channel has a slightly different set of rules and its important that all community members respect them, it’s part of the moderator’s role to insure rules are adhered to. Moderators also help to answers questions, share content and relay any important information back into the project internally.

So what are the steps in becoming a Moderator?

  • You must have a deep understanding of how a particular social media platform works and must be active daily.

  • The current moderators for a particular channel must agree that you are a suitable candidate.

  • The Cardano community team will review platform metrics, such as your Reddit karma score or Cardano Forum trust level, to ensure you are suitable to take on the responsibility.

When submitting nominations, please ensure that you are providing enough information and evidence on the nominee that qualifies them as moderators. We will be making improvements to the nomination form to request information like which time zone a member is located as this helps with providing adequate 24/7 cover. Please also note that some channels do not require resource but you may be contacted in the future when more moderation resource is required.

Finally we very much look forward to working more closely with all our moderators, helping to constantly improve the various official channels we all support.