Counter Arguments

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Every individual in the Cardano community must adhere to the Community Code of Conduct, which can be found ​here​. Moderators must also adhere to these rules. Please have a thorough read as these rules will be what you use to determine when a violation has occurred.
If any of the rules are broken in any of the Cardano channels, moderators can perform the following sanctions:
● First offence:​ warning is given and the user will be suspended from their account for 24 hours.
● Second offence: ​warning is given and the user will be suspended for a period of up to 1 month depending on the severity of the violation.
● Third and final offence: ​if the user continues to repeatedly break community rules, their account will be banned from the community platform. This penalty may be applied across all community channels if necessary.
As listed above, moderators will need to give warnings to users who violate our community rules. This can be done in two ways: publicly or through a private message. There may be circumstances when a private message is required. But we do recommend public messages (for example: a reply to the user as a comment) for open transparency.
Please make sure to include what rule the user has broken in the warning and an explanation of the sanction. Moderators can always include a link to the Community Code of Conduct, which is found on the website.
Being a moderator is a tough job and we appreciate the work you do! That is why we openly show support for all of our moderator ambassadors and their decisions and we do ​not​ tolerate harassment of moderators in our community.
But there may be times that the Community team will perform a secondary review on actions and/or sanctions taken by a moderator. This is to ensure all community members are being treated fairly and to make sure we are all making decisions to the same standard across all the community channels. Please do not take this personally and think of it like a peer-review process of moderation. :slight_smile:
Secondary reviews can also be done at your request. Sometimes there are posts or users who are in the ‘grey zone’ of violation. If you are not completely sure of what action to take, then rely on your fellow moderators! Post details of the user or violating post and work together to come up with a fair decision.


I watched a few of these. I think these are good skills to have. Thx for sharing.

If only all topics were handled with this amount of logic and reason in public forum. It appears to be a lost art form.

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