A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Content Creator Role

We created the Content Creator role within our Cardano Ambassador program for the main purpose of helping to explain what the Cardano project is all about and also to provide deeper insight into the various different parts of the project.

Given Cardano is a vast and in some places highly technical project, it is very important that we have a community that supports both new and existing members in their education of the project. Content comes in many different forms, for example, videos, blog posts or long form forum posts. Having a wide variety of content ensures that all different learning preferences are catered for.

So what are the steps in becoming a Content Creator?

  • Three pieces of content must be produced and published.
  • Positive feedback from the community must be achieved. Submit evidence that your content is useful to the community and adds value, such as page views, likes, positive comments and shares. Trading related content is considered low value.
  • At least one piece of content must be shared each month.

As noted in the revised criteria, we are looking for content that is useful and adds value to the Cardano community. This is why we have excluded trading and price-related content. In the nomination form, we ask that you provide evidence on this. For example, send in metrics of your website or positive comments and likes on your blog post to suggest that it has received positive feedback.

Finally we we very much look forward to working more closely with all our content creator ambassadors in educating the world about Cardano.


Hey, must the created content be in English or are other languages acceptable as well?

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