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I’m a writer and I love Cardano, and blockchain technology in general. I am just starting out so I don’t have any prior articles for you to read. However, my passion and talent would make up for my inexperience. I want to use my talent to help grow the community, any correspondence would be great. Thanks everyone.


Have you joined the Project Catalyst discord server? Here’s an invite.

I’d like to join you on this journey. :roller_coaster:



If you need some technical aspects simply explained insight, check the work of @arielfavio.

Publish the articles or links around here I’d like to follow.



Hello jradswartz,

Are you planning to research Cardano and create articles or content for republishing?

Carl Henry

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Thank you for responding. I guess if someone had a new wallet they are developing or a dex ect. I’m not trying to write like a article for say CoinDesk. Or if a specific project for Cardano needs content written for it. I am able to write about anything in a unique way provided I research it. Thank you :slight_smile: best wishes

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Welcome to the Cardano Forum @jradswartz. Have you written anything yet?

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Fund 6 is beginning soon and content regarding the Community Challenges and the ideascale experience would be beneficial for everyone.

EDIT: Was meant for @jradswartz

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