Can anyone who works for Cardano review my article please?

As stated in the title, the article is a synopsis of the Cardano project thus far, it’s 100% positive (as I love Cardano), just want to make sure it’s completely factual.

I’m tired of seeing half arsed cryptocurrency articles that are poorly written!

Let me know if you can help with this and I’ll send it over via a PM, it’s not in the public realm yet.


I’d like to read it when it’s public. 100% with you on a bunch of garbage being written out there. But this is a general problem in crypto.

We have extremely good engineers building stuff and other, sometimes clueless, masses/reporters who have no idea what they are saying.


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Indeed, and often it’s worse than that because there’s now such a dearth of genuine, well reported news that people are clicking through on to any old rubbish, and these people who are taking maybe 10 minutes to write a shoddy article are getting paid via adwords etc.

I will share it here when my client makes it public :slight_smile: I do copywriting for a few blockchain companies. Hence why I haven’t posted it here straight away!

I’m currently completing my PhD in environmental science so I feel I’m in a good position to carry out decent research before I write anything!


Bumping this.

I think that works right? :slight_smile:

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Hi Criterion,

You can email it to us at

We can do our best to review your article and let you know of any errors. Note that if there are parts that are highly technical in nature, I might not be the best proofreader. Thanks!