Need your feedback about CardaNews

Hi everyone,

I’ve been into Cardano since 2017, when I bought my first ADA’s. Ever since, I’ve read all possible news about Cardano and I noticed two fundamental issues:

1.The main crypto news sites write mainly generic/irrelevant stuff about Cardano, like “Charles Hoskinson versus Vitalik Buterin” kind of nonsense. They don’t really care about Cardano as a project.

Information on Twitter and Youtube, on the other hand, is mainly about the price of ADA, again nothing to do with the long term vision of Cardano and what we care about in the community.

2.The news/information released by Cardano itself is often full of technical jargon that newcomers don’t understand.

So, I’ve started CardaNews, a news site only about Cardano.

This is CardaNews value proposition to our readers:

Never miss important news about Cardano again.

Whether you are bombarded with generic crypto news or find it difficult to find interesting news to help with forming a view on Cardano’s latest developments, staying up to speed is not an easy task. No worries; we’ve got you covered.

Short and to-the-point news about Cardano.

I’d love to hear your feedback.


*I’ve just put the site live, so you’ll find only 3 articles. No worries, you’ll find new articles everyday, from tomorrow on.


Good start!

@arielfavio did an excellent work explaining how Cardano works, along with some other related topics, besides here, in the forum, he has a medium blog. I’m sure if you talk with him he will be glad to share the articles with you! Along with that, I translated some to Portuguese already, others will follow, you can have them if you will. They aren’t news per se, but would be great to have the visibility you can provide!


EDIT: Along with that you can start asking for interviews with the team of IOHK and CF, which they will be glad to give, if they get some spare time! :smile:


Thanks a lot for the feedback and the tips man! I really appreciate it.

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good idea! just relevant news in a quick view format, great!.


It is a wonderful idea! I bookmarked it so I can follow the news and updates. Do you plan to accept article contributions in the future regarding Cardano?

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Nice job Peterrws

Trying to stay on top of all the good news is going to turn into a full time role !

Thank you for helping us :blush:

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Thanks. I noticed that the subscribe function was not working. So yours didn’t go through :frowning_face:. I’ve fixed it by putting a bluebox that opensonce you scroll 50% of the page. Please try subscribing that way. It should work now.

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Awesome! Try subscribing as well :wink:

I think I did it successfully :smiley: Looking forward to receiving the newsletters.

Thanks for your feedback guys. I’ve implemented one of your suggestions. Here is the Cardano community social wall someone requested: Cardano community - CardaNews

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Love the concept, this is kind of information is something I’ve been looking for myself somewhat recently.

One note to make, I use an extension to make all sites dark mode/night mode (Night Eye). Under this tool, the design is not great (expectedly). So my only suggestion would be if a native night mode/dark mode could be implemented.

Otherwise thanks!

Thanks @Jabus for your feedback.I’m gonna see if I can implement a native night mode/dark soon.

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This is cool! Just curious, how do you plan on keeping this alive? Feeding a site like this can be super time consuming. I hope you’ll be able to find more collaborators in the community!

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Hi Peterrws,

great idea, thank you :smiley:
I think, the site can be very helpful for a lot of users.

Here’s a short feedback (from a web-developers point-of-view):

  • the site uses ssl but there are some http sources in sourcecode, so I get a yellow sign near the url because all sources should be https:// and not http://
  • the height of the big slider is higher than my screen (27 inch), so the arrows are only visible if you scroll down
  • maybe the site needs some information because of the gdpr in the eu: cookie-consent, imprint, privacy-protection

Many regards

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Awsome idea!! If your are looking for help just say it, I would be glad to help.

Thanks for your detailed feedback @WingOver . Very useful.

I’m gonna take a look at the 3 points you mentioned.I’ll startwith the gdpr cookie consentandprivacy policy. That one is indeed a must.

Thanks again.

If you need technical help, feel free to ask me. I’m not too deep in WordPress, because I’m a TYPO3-Developer but for general things my WP-Skills are ok.

Journalism is very tough subject, but for ethical journalism, in principle, it should follows these as the minimum (FAITH) among the others:

  1. Fairness,
  2. Accountability,
  3. Impartiality,
  4. Truth and accuracy (do not trust, verify),
  5. Humanity etc.

Also, trying for being objective does not imply that journalists are free of biases, so pls be very careful and try to not being trapped by your own biases.

Why I am writing this?

I usually do not comment these kind of posts, but I have read your
Cardano might onboard 100 million users in Africa by end of February article (which seems to me somewhat lurid article) in which O’connor’s quote is this:
We have quite reasonable plans to onboard 100 million users on this identity platform within the next year or two.

So, pls be very careful and aware that you are on a very tricky ground.

Ofc, it all depends on what is your agenda…

Thank you. This is much needed!

I understand your point @_ilap but I also think there has to be some kind of catchy headlines in between to get the attention of the masses. I’m not saying the idea is to create a news site like Cointelegraph (terrible shiny articles there) but to play a bit with the headlines in order to get more attention.

If we get more attention then more people will see other things on the site, the things that we truly care about, like stories on Dapps that thave been created on Cardano, podcast with the founding teams, jobs offers from the cardano ecosystem, cardano events, etc.

Also, the deeper I get involved in this project the more I notice that this should be more of a combination of original articles written by a team and curated articles about cardano that we find interesting for the community but that were written by another publication. The core idea is to have a place were you can go to find the latest news about Cardano without having to search for articles written on several publications on a daily basis.