How can we expand Cardano's influence?



This is a question I suddenly wondered. If Cardano is already developed and deployed and a lot of decentralized DApps have been co-created with Emurgo, but it will not be used if people do not know ADA tokens. A lot of pioneering and innovative companies, because of the small popularity or lack of users, the result failed, and this is what I am very worried about Cardano.
Recently the Japanese cryptocurrency idol group did not know who was doing it for whatever reason. In short, our Cardano was replaced by the icon of the Daedalus wallet and was deliberately avoided. This is really disappointing. If people do not know Cardano, it is likely that those of her competitors will win.
As ambitious projects, we should not close ourselves up and turn ourselves into a small circle that only absorbs and recognizes those who understand us. In that case, waiting for us will only fail. We should let anyone who knows the cryptocurrency know Cardano!
How can we let people know? Bitcoin is the best known, and if we want people to know we can borrow Bitcoin. We know this is completely taken for granted.

And such as:

Cardano - we want to build a better bitcoin.
Cardano founder: Charles Hoskinson, inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto and pioneered the powerful Cardano!


More professional publicity I can’t say, we will think better than I!
If we do this, we are not for a bad purpose, but for everyone to know Cardano, and to be able to use the best, most stable, fastest, state-of-the-art technology in the world, and they know Cardano and will not regret. A new kind of money - it’s about everyone. Any industry can work with Cardano as long as they want to innovate.
And closing, being late, and being alone will mean death.
We can also try to give away the free ADA token to anyone who needs and is delighted to know Cardano…
I am very sad and unfair to the girl who played Daedalus too. We want to make a big publicity so that any angel who plays Cardano wins the most flowers and applause!
And with the help of such propaganda, no one can let us be buried by any means. Because we are not afraid of being understood and welcomed, and we do have genuine talent.
In short, we are inextricably linked with bitcoin, you can not but know us, and everyone can make better use of bitcoin on Daedalus wallet.
Let’s board a big newspaper, a small book, a section of life, a culinary session, sporting news, special reports…these articles will not hard to write, and I really want to buy a cake made into the Cardano logo…I want you to know Cardano’s good!
Maybe these are not needed. But this unfairness in the cryptocurrency idol group is really disappointing and disappointing. :frowning:


@io_jeremy Take a look at this, please~ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I believe cryptos will soon gain popularity because of the use case of dapps developped on top of it.
Apart from cryptocitties there are no real dapps atm and they already had huge media coverage. As soon as the first disrupting dapps will emerge based on a technology like Cardano, the popularity of the coin will, in my opinion, increase in relation to the real life dapps that run on it and dapps that have been announced.


Indeed! DApps is the most important, but also people are most concerned about, today’s webcast, most people want to ask this. I may be too confident in Cardano, but I always feel that the information on the Emurgo website is very professional, I intuitively they seem to be doing well, and do not need to worry.


Also , being in the top 5 doesn’t hurt


How do we expand?

Start with these key items:

Software that works. As intended, with every release.

The ability to move the one product Cardano has, crypto currency, to and fro, timely and securely in the eyes of the current users!

Webcasts that work. If video is deemed to be the communications avenue, then make damn sure the correct host is selected. Otherwise, post to the forum and save the money for some 10x-level developers.

In fact, skip the visionary bullshit until you have the current code working.

Focus, team, You’re not embellishing the vision. Time is being wasted with the current flailing around. Not at all professional.

How’s that for a kick in the balls, Charles?


Looks to me like Cardano is doing remarkably well considering where it is on the roadmap. Promotion (and refinement) will come when it is further down the road and conditions warrant.


Merlot: The price, now ~0.10USD lower than when the video started, doesn’t support your theory.


Price of all top coins is down…was that caused by the video? Why worry about price at this point?


The price is an indicator. If Cardano was kicking butt it would be staying positive. At this time there’s a chasm between the vision and the delivered product.

Example: Binance “transfers” are again suspended. How many times has this been a problem over the past three weeks? Look at the Forum and count the comments on this subject and Daedalus. Do you think anyone performing their due diligence will be heartened by the count?

You can’t have the problems we are witnessing and expect to lead the pack.

Don’t misunderstand my comments. I’m long Cardano; agree with the ver3 vision; not a trader; but holding off purchasing more until I see some faultless application progress.

And I sure as Hell am not inviting family and friends in to read the Forum.


I don’t expect Cardano to lead the pack with Byron. Price looks pretty good to me for this early in development (sitting at #5) and its due to people believing in the team and vision. Id be happy if it stays under a buck for a few more months so I can pick up some more :grinning:


You hit the mark!!

Software that works. As intended, with every release.

They have made factual planning and I think they can generally finish ahead of schedule.

Webcasts that work. If video is deemed to be the communications avenue, then make damn sure the correct host is selected. Otherwise, post to the forum and save the money for some 10x-level developers.

I think we should strike a balance between publicity and communication of mass and minority. Seeking all may not be comprehensive.

We hope their foresight will be based on facts and meticulousness so that they can really help!

We really hope that this game can be a smooth win!


I am not, I am just a little enthusiastic, if you feel unhappy, I want to apologize to you.

And I sure as Hell am not inviting family and friends in to read the Forum.

Sorry, if this post is not suitable, I will delete it. But the forum does not seem to support deletion.

I hope Binance’s problems will be solved as soon as possible. If a person does enough research to do something completely new and has many other relevant experiences, once started, he still has problems because of the complexities and complexities of reality. But for a person who is well prepared and long-term and practical, the problem is really less complicated or difficult to solve. If they solve the problem and have a great way, maybe they can give all Altcoin an efficient and secure paid wallet problem solving service.

Personally speaking, I’m totally not worried about them.


Yes! Since we stand firmly in this position, the market value is still very meaningful, we should really have great advantages :snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow:


Every step of their journey is seriously considered, quite step by step and really great!


The market is unpredictable, but Ebb Tide is the truth forever :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Perhaps the market is making big adjustments, we do not know. This year is likely to be a magnificent year!


chitoncats: No need to apologize or even think of deleting your comment. I understand your enthusiasm and not the least bit offended with what you said. Over the years I’ve been in the same state of mind with many projects. With those experiences I’ve also come to recognize traits and patterns, and that does cause some concern on my part.

When I began following crypto, there were a little less than 1,000 cryptocurrencies on CMC. Today there are 1,446, close to a 50% increase, all competing for market share. I’ve looked at over 100 of them. A few are professional; some have websites that don’t work; many have Purpose Statements that that don’t make sense.

In early November Charles delivered a convincing white board presentation. As a result making that initial purchase decision was easy.

On the other hand, the product functionality has not risen to the level of the presentation. In this day and age, and this market, one has to hit the mark with the delivered product. If Cardano stumbles frequently, as has recently been the case, they will look like the cryptocurrencies I reviewed and discounted.

If that takes place, then Cardano will be viewed by many as a great vision with lousy execution, and struggle greatly.

So, yes, I worry about what I see taking place. Charles et al appear to be reasonable, focused participants. But when billions are being thrown about like its school lunch money, it’s easy to lose that focus. I also feel Charles and the others at the top can take the heat so I’ll state it as I see it. They have the most to lose and I’d hate to see a lack of attention to details hold this project back, or worse.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. And may your investment deliver riches beyond your wildest dreams!


I also have some worries, but I think I’m ready to go to the moon, thank you for understanding!
I think this will be a big one. Perhaps Cardano’s economy will overtook the United States and China or even more crazy. If the world is decentralized, no one will has the ability to launch a nuclear war.


A great way to get the platform noticed and implemented in the real world is to have ICOs launching products on the platform, the way that Ethereum does. Forgive my ignorance, but is there an equivalent to the ERC20 token on Cardano?

DragonChain has an incubator team to help companies launch ICOs on their platform. I know that at this stage, there is more than enough work to do on the Cardano Roadmap, but adding support of this nature down the road might be something to consider.