Hello how's going? Cada.news

This is my first post because I was never big fan of forums :slight_smile:

I’ve been working as an affiliate marketer for very long time creating content and monetizing anything from apps to clickbank digital books such as “how to make your girl c*m”" and making profits. I’m not joking that YouTube video of mine had 1 million views maybe it’s still there :slight_smile:

Got interested in blockchain in 2018, love doing research so Cardano philosophy of using the same and setting goals and going straight through the bubble with real trading volumes and full transparency (Charles with his AMA’s) made me a fan of Cardano.

https://www.cada.news/ consists of 3 parts.

We pull feeds from the most relevant and interesting Cardano websites and YouTube channels, the last one I added was Kaizen Crypto!
So visitors can have kind of catalog what’s going on from different sources.

In pages I have covered most important terms to future searches related to Cardano, such as wallets and exchanges.

The blog section contains articles where Denicio Bernier who was a huge help for me in catching up with the Cardano progress introduces new authors.

If you could add to the content or need help optimizing your own (like websites), let me know.

Almost forgot. The Twitter page: https://twitter.com/CadaNews



Welcome @Cada.news
Nice website, thanks for sharing this :wink:

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Hey @Cada.news and welcome to the forum! Nice to see such a website from the community!

I’ve just browsed quickly through it and saw a little “bug”.

Those little arrows should be marked aswell if you hover over “Cardano Websites” and “Cardano Youtube”.

Have a nice day and welcome again!


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@CardanoCastellano Thank you!

@Zyroxa Hi and tnx.
Honestly I don’t know how to fix it, am using some menu image plugin, I know little bit of everything that’s why I’m using Wordpress, but I do hire a developer when I need fixes or smth more serious :slight_smile:
I would like to add some interactive features to the website like epoch, pools or some other info from the Cardano blockchain and I’ll have to find someone to help me out :slight_smile:

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The staking page is out of date, talks about the ITN as if current.

I didn’t saw a point of updating it again before the full rollout but I’ll look into it thanks

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Hi cada.news,

I look forward to going thru your website.
I’ve looked at enough Cardano videos on youtube that I’ve noticed a couple of Kaizen Crypto videos being recommended to me the last few days. I’ll be sure to check them out.


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I would really like to add more people as authors of articles for the blog section anywyone feel like sharing their thoughts sometimes?

Would be archived and saved in time :smiley:

You can drop me msg on Twitter also.

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I would like to thank you for taking the time, effort and money to create something that aims at growing the Cardano community and offer a decent source of information and opinion. The most important thing is to keep learning and implementing changes and updates to the site to increase functionality. I know for a fact there are a number of people on this forum that write articles for blogs and could potentially assist in writing content. Also post updates and ask for feedback in these forums, you will have no problems getting feedback from here. Just remember… many of the people on this forum are highly educated or have a scientific/logical mind and while they might seem pompous or rude they are just being direct with their advice.

I have been working on a ADA project the last few months and it is exciting to see others throwing their support behind the Cardano platform. I added your site to our contact list so that when we begin to bring our project out of the shop and into reality (we have a project that is both a physical and digital product) we will reach out with a press release so that you can cover the story as well.

I also didn’t see a section for donations in ADA. If you are comfortable posting a QR code on your site to a secure ADA wallet I would gladly donate some ADA to help your project out (as I am sure many other people would do too). I have a soft spot for independent media and I am excited to see more people getting involved every single day and contributing in their own way!

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@rlewisgrover Thank you for finding time to reply and advice.
And donation suggestion, I have refferal links for hardware wallets and such. In fact that’s what I do for a job, find niche, research, bring traffic and monetize. Whatever product service you have I can probably sell it, for a commission of course, using organic traffic :smiley:
But Cardano is something different, I’ve been mingling with community a bit and decided to stick by, educating on blockchain and learning, at least as much as I could so far using free time.
Trying to find real use case for a website in fact now and your advice helps as for the direction.

I got a bit better understanding of the open source project and crypto now… You see by the name of website when I registered the domain I went on not to infringe “copyright” :slight_smile:

I’m bit eccentric myself one of the reasons why I liked Twitter and Cardano folks, except curiousity for crypto.
Smileys I use are IRC legacy.
Thanks again let me know about project.

@rlewisgrover Thanks for the backlink! The first one! I spammed the hell out the “websites” page like almost a link farm :wink:

Reverted website to “pre-community phaze”. I’m not ADA hodler but content creator, spent too much money on time researching Cardano to make the unnecessary and not well received portal with 0 return (first project ever in my whole life) in a year, I need to focus on my productive projects, will still be tracking Cardano progress, best of luck to all :slight_smile: