CadaNews website revamped

I was building the CadaNews for a year then couldn’t really manage it all the content and didn’t encountered support, some content creator funding was just coming up and but already had lot’s of expenses and time lost on the project.

I have transferred the best articles to my Medium account which are now topping the google, cardano wallets is in rich snippets. :blush:

However decided to put the website up back again from scratch (no saved backups). Funny thing is I published some excerpts from 2 Medium articles like some sort of backup or backlinks and they appeared on first page due backlinks from the past :slight_smile: Like am now competing with myself LOL
Since back then I gained more knowledge on other chains but mostly wallets especially hardware wallets trying to monetize only niche I went in for love and haven’t so far in my whole business career - crypto.

I am in touch with how hardware wallets follow Cardano and is integration well made, their teams also, (Daedalus is stepping up the most lately, with Trezor for example) and motivating wallets to push Cardano as my favorite crypto day one.

Bottom line is if you have a Cardano project, stake pool, now we’ll see dapps, tokens I will publish your articles in the Cardano section like I did with iBeestaking pool. Contact me on Twitter it’s my personal account, CadaNews has their own profile,youtube,medium…

I can’t add any more links or info or Fabian will ban the post, cheers mate - guys :slight_smile:

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