Cardano Content Creators Meetup

In the month of May, a group of Cardano Content Creators got together to share ideas on how to keep creating content for the Cardano ecosystem in a sustainable way.

Lots of ideas were shared on how we all operate and create content along with tools that we all use.

A few take away points that all participants will be involved in is general homework for all of our channels and mediums.

  1. Short term and long term goals of our content creation. From growing numbers, optimising processes etc.
  2. Add other channels and content creators to our links and references to be able to refer consumers to other channels from our own.

The aim is to run this meetups regularly and hopefully leverage off each others experiences and networks to be able to create sustainable content creation.


Absolutely enjoyed watching this.
Thank you for organizing, Peter!

Hope to have another one next month and keep it going.